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28/01/2018 - 09:15

"Quoc Hoc Hue – The Love" launched

"Quoc Hoc Hue – The Love" is the Spring 2018 memory book by the Alumni Contact Board of Quoc Hoc Hue in Ho Chi Minh city, launched in early 2018.

Researcher Nguyen Xuan Hoa expresses his feelings of the "Quoc Hoc Hue – The Love" 

This is the alumni’s love for Quoc Hoc High School which is full of memories. The 400-page book published by Thanh Nien Publishing House features nostalgic articles about memories of the over-100-year-old school, teachers and friends, such as Quoc Hoc Hue – The nostalgia, The Couple of Quoc Hoc-Dong Khanh, etc. by Thai Kim Lan, Nguyen Xuan Hoa, Tran Kiem Doan, etc.

The book also introduces the school principals in the period of 1945-1975, memories of teachers, works of poetry and music, as well as articles on cultural values ​​of Hue.