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11/01/2021 - 16:55

Reading Books with Interest

On the morning of January 10, the Provincial General Library collaborated with Happy Reading Club to hold a closing program on book introduction in 2020.

The students themselves are enthusiastic to introduce their favorite books

With the theme ‘lifelong learning’, the program attracted the participation of young readers from 7 to 14 years old. The students participating in the program in the form of making a summary table “My 2020 Knowledge Castle”; in which listing the book titles, as well as the author names they read in 2020 and introducing a content of their most favorite book.

The children were enthusiastic to share their favorite books such as Philosophy for children, Anna Frank’s Diary, Collections of Ngo Tat To, Good Dad Bad Dad, Postman Boy, and Green Lotus, etc. Furthermore, they also participated in mini-games and art performances.

This is an activity to summarize the program of book introduction after a year the students have participated in reading in the children’s reading room of the Provincial General Library and Happy Reading Club; thereby, helping them find out a reading method and spread the reading movement among students.

Story anh photo: Minh Hien