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31/01/2019 - 07:44

Recalling the old Tet in the Royal Palace

On the morning of January 29 (the 24th day of the twelfth lunar month), Hue Monuments Conservation Center organized the program of "Hương xưa bánh Tết" (Ambience of preparing traditional Tết cakes) in the cozy space of Dien Tho Palace, in the Inner Citadel.

Under the Nguyen Dynasty, Tet in the Royal Palace was held solemnly with many ceremonies, such as: Ban sóc ceremony, Thượng tiêu ceremony, Tiến xuân ceremony, etc., along with many parties, visiting, blessings, travelling; and, many royal games were also held. "Hương xưa bánh Tết" (Ambience of preparing traditional Tết cakes) is integrated by Hue Monuments Conservation Center, with  the combination of many cultural and artistic activities between Ca Hue (Hue Singing), Hue music, royal games, calligraphy performances, as well as chưng cakes (cubic glutinous cakes) and tét cakes (rolled glutinous cakes) making contest.

Evaluating the chưng cakes and tét cakes of the teams

The best chưng cakes and tét cakes were offered to the emperors at The Mieu Temple. The rest of the cakes after the contest were given to employees with difficult circumstances of the Center and children at child-rearing centers.

On this occasion, tourists visiting Hue Imperial Palace also have the opportunity to enjoy several traditional cakes of Hue, such as: măng cakes, mận cakes, crystallized ginger jam, and trái cây cakes (fruit-shaped cakes), etc.

Story: Dong Van, Photo: Van Nguyen