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17/08/2019 - 08:55

Recreating Thanh Binh Worship Hall ceremony according to Nguyen dynasty rite

On the morning of August 16, at Thanh Binh worship hall (Alley 281, Chi Lang Street, Phu Hiep Ward, Hue City) Hue Monuments Conservation Center organized the re-enactment of Thanh Binh Worship Hall ceremony according to Nguyen dynasty rite.

Staff and artists of Hue Traditional Royal Theater of Art attending the ceremony

According to People's Artist Phan Thi Bach Hac - Director of Hue Traditional Royal Theater of Arts, worship ceremonies for the ancestors of the traditional art in Thanh Binh worship hall have always been solemnly held, usually taking place in three days. Every time there is a big ceremony, it can take a whole month of preparation in advance. Hat Boi (drama performed mainly through gestures) groups from afar also have to prepare offerings and appoint representatives to attend the ceremony.

The first day is a reporting ritual and preparation day. The second day is the main ritual with a solemn ceremony, including That kich and Cheo le Dai Dan singing. The third day includes a giving thanks ritual and cleaning up. However, after the fall of the Nguyen dynasty, rituals of the ceremony have gradually been reduced and greatly simplified, and the main ceremony now only lasts for half a day.

"Tam tinh chuc tho" (‘The three gods wishing everyone longevity’) is performed in the ceremony

Thanh Binh Worship Hall is the largest worship hall for the ancestors of the art of hat boi. It was built in 1823 in the grounds of the former Thanh Binh Court, now in Phu Hiep ward, Hue city. The existence of this worship hall is associated with the development history of Hue Tuong art.

From the time of the Nguyen lords, Tuong art was developed into a "national drama" of Dang Trong (the Inner Realm) and reached the peak in its development history with the formation royal Tuong style. Therefore, the worship hall for the ancestors of Tuong art had been built in Hue and is preserved to this day.

By Trong Binh