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23/11/2019 - 15:29

Recreating the rural image with traditional agricultural tools

Thatched roofs, straw dunes, wood stove, some old pots, mortars, and pestles, the millstone or rice blower... are familiar items of farmers. They are introduced to the public for the first time by Hue Cultural Museum in the exhibition "Hue traditional agricultural tools", which was opened on the morning of November 22.

Hue students visiting the exhibition space

The exhibition space showcases over 50 artifacts (original and restored artifacts) that are important items that have always accompanied farmers, including tools for preparing soil and planting; agricultural irrigation tools; agricultural tools for harvesting, plucking, separating seeds and preserving agricultural products; and agricultural tools used in fishing. The exhibition also introduces documentary images of the traditional agricultural production process.

Ms. Nguyen Hong Hoa Tranh, Director of Hue Cultural Museum shared: “On the occasion of Vietnam Cultural Heritage Day on November 23, Hue Cultural Museum has organized a special exhibition entitled ‘Hue traditional agricultural tools’ to introduce to the public the richness and diversity of traditional farming tools in Hue. Thereby, it will help visitors, especially young people, to better understand the rustic life, the true hard-working and creative spirit of farmers. Traditional farming tools need to be preserved in order to preserve the traditional cultural identity”.

Below are photos of the exhibition space captured by Thua Thien Hue Online:

The old millstone, pestles and mortars reminded viewers of a difficult time of farmers

Fish traps

This visitor was reminiscing about the old days when trying out the mill

For students in the city, touching the rice grains is also an interesting experience

“I am a farmer.”

Restoration of a thatched roof house and living space of old farmers

The old space reminded the viewers about their old kitchen cupboard  

Images of farmers in Hue using a rice blower in 1929

The exhibition space also introduces organic agricultural products of farmers


Story and photos: Minh Hien