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07/08/2019 - 08:11

Recycling sand and gravel

While the solution for materials replacing the increasingly-exhausted river-bed sand and gravel is being taken into account, Mr. Duong Duy Long, Director of Long Tuong One-Member Company Ltd. has boldly applied technology and invested machinery to "turn" construction waste into sand, gravel...

Vice Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee Phan Thien Dinh inspected and appreciated the recycling of construction materials of Long Tuong One-Member Company Ltd.

Dual benefit

Although not having undergone any training in assembly of machines, with passion and diligence in exploration and research, Mr. Duong Duy Long has manufactured and produced a lot of machines, devices applied in the field of production and business of his company.

Coming from the river sand and gravel exploitation job, through practical work, with his experience, Mr. Long has in turn produced mechanical machines to liberate workers’ labor such as the sand-sucking pump fitted with diesel engine, the sand and gravel sorting machine, the automatic production line of unburned block bricks...The local application of these devices are then negotiated by many enterprises in other provinces

When the exploitation of river-bed sand and gravel negatively affects the environment, causing river bank erosion, threatening the safety of constructions and houses, Mr. Long thought that he should switch from exploiting sand and gravel to “maximum collection” model. He found that a lot of construction waste in the area dumped indiscriminately in urban areas, waste from quarries ... is a knotty problem for processing work, so he managed to manufacture a machine to “turn” construction waste into sand and gravel.

Despite many times of design and drawing changes to suit the terrain, he was not discouraged. “The new is always difficult, and there are also failures. However, from this failure, I have more ideas to complete products that meet the present requirements,” said Mr. Long.

Leading us to the sorting line, sharing the failures, successes and operation process, Long said after a period of implementation (from March 2019), the model has proved efficient and enormously fruitful. The total cost for a line is about VND 2.2 billion (excluding the rental of land, wheel loaders, and excavators), but within only one hour of operation, the line can sort about 70m3 of input or output materials. The output products will correspond to the input material amount of sand, gravel, soil, and stone.

It is estimated that the line can sort about 560m3 of input materials, producing 160m3 of gravel and stone, 100m3 of 0.5mm stone, 100m3 of cast or building sand, 150m3 of plastering sand and 50m3 of humus per day. Mr. Long said that currently, many people are willing to spend VND 15-20 billion to install a machine with new technology, but it cannot separate 5 types of materials like mine.

"Using sand and gravel from maximum collection sources offers economic benefits to enterprises because of low cost, with the sorting system in clean water environment. This is also a clean material source, increasing the life expectancy and durability of the construction, an important part of environmental protection; therefore, it is necessary to encourage enterprises and units to use,” Long concluded.

This machine can sort many different construction materials from stone, gravel to soil, sand and humus

Enterprises need support

On hearing of Mr. Long’s new model, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee Phan Thien Dinh personally came to learn about and inspect the line.

After surveying, grasping the process of sorting sand and gravel from construction waste, Vice Chairman Phan Thien Dinh highly evaluated this maximum collection model of Long Tuong One-Member Company Ltd. Mr. Dinh asked the Department of Construction and the local authorities to support and create favorable conditions for the company to continue researching and expanding the model for the economical and sustainable use of resources and environmental protection.

“In the context where natural sand and gravel reserves are increasingly exhausted and sand exploitation impacts negatively on the environment, the investment in the model of turning construction waste into sand, gravel will bring many economic benefits and is an effective solution in the construction waste treatment, proceeding to eliminate the illegal construction waste collection spots, which has annoyed people recently,” Mr. Phan Thien Dinh evaluated.

Duong Duy Long said that the company is currently performing the procedures for proprietary brand protection. The company expects the Provincial People's Committee, departments, and scientists to pay attention to, study and guide and complete this technology to apply and expand the model. The company also pledges to support and create the best conditions for the pioneering companies together with it to research, apply, and put this technology into widespread use. At the same time, the company proposes that the state should provide the mechanism and policy to support enterprises, especially input materials and premises position favorable for maximum collection and development of this new technology.

Story and photos: Thai Son