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02/08/2021 - 08:46

"Refreshing" body amid the pandemic

Without plans, too much money, or travelling in groups of friends..., impromptu trips amid the pandemic are probably a choice of many young families this summer.

The peace of mind (Photo taken before the outbreak of COVID-19)

The chance to use high-class services

The stifling heat in late June and early July, together with the fourth outbreak of the pandemic have made even the most optimistic people feel frustrated and uncomfortable.

Through the recommendation of a friend working in the tourism industry, as the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic in the province is well controlled, resorts are still operating and providing many attractive programs of health care, and body detox amid the pandemic.

He affirmed that our bodies would definitely be refreshed (cleansed, purified) after the trip… Thus, my family immediately contacted a resort in Mui Ne Pass (Phu Loc Town, Phu Loc District, about 45 kilometers south of Hue City), so as to have a trip to "purify" our bodies.

Taking a rest in a peaceful setting helps regenerate health

During the pandemic, the amount of guests to the resort is small in number; however, the quality of services is not reduced, it is even more enhanced. As the ongoing pandemic, the resort accommodates guests in private villas so as to ensure the safety. The villas are surrounded by the harmony of nature, between the mountains, forests, and the vast water of Cau Hai Lagoon, which is a perfect destination for a trip to relax.

Perhaps, as the resort knows that their guests prefer taking care of their bodies during the pandemic, more than half of its services are health-oriented. Among several services, the most impressive one for us is the experience of yoga on the lagoon water surface. The next ones are the full body detox treatment, the exfoliating service with green tea, and the restoration of the body.

As the summer has come, not only parents can "refresh" their bodies in a peaceful, fresh green space, but children traveling with them can also have many experiences associated with the nature.

Cycling around the resort site, visiting the semi-wild sika deer garden and feeding them, visiting the large organic farm, and experiencing a day as a farmer for the first time in life, etc., are the activities that could satisfy the “Gods”. Therefore, many high-star resorts attract guests thanks to these services.

For safe relaxation

Is it safe to travel during the resurgence of the pandemic? This is a question that visitors always wonder. It is noted that resorts in Hue always have solutions to receive their guests in safe conditions. According to the Provincial Department of Tourism, that is the reason why the resorts still attract guests in the current period.

The leader of the Provincial Department of Tourism assessed that it had never been so easy to rest at luxury resorts. Guests going to five-star resorts, with luxury services, are those with good conditions. Now, as the service prices have dropped sharply compared to before, many customer lines have decided to pick the trip.

The "habit" of having to set up plans for a whole month and sometimes a few months before, because resorts often run out of rooms when rooms are booked near the trip date, has now been changed. Plans are set up in the morning, rooms are booked at noon, and guests could be already at the resort in the afternoon. The pandemic has created conditions for anyone to become high-class guests, using world-class services.

Mr. Tran Trong Kien, Chairman of the National Tourism Advisory Board (TAB), analyzed that in the context of the pandemic, resort tourism had emerged as the optimal solution. A recent survey shows that the resorts, which are although located far from the city center, being in harmony with nature, and take four to five hours to get to, still achieve unexpected business results.

According to people working in tourism sector, in Hue, there are many options to have relaxing moments, beside the trips for relaxation in high-class resorts, visitors can also camp at Bach Ma, Hon Vuon, and A Luoi, etc., admiring the natural scenery, and the vast sky in the peaceful setting. And sometimes, solo travel also helps us get a lot of new things about life.

In order to attract visitors in the current period, many resorts have offered many attractive programs, including giving free rooms for guests using swimming pool; two-way shuttle bus to and from the airport or Hue City center,… discount on food & beverage, and beauty services; free early check-in from 10am, and late check-out until 6pm, etc.

The Director of the Provincial Department of Tourism shared that during the period when the pandemic had wreaked havoc on tourism activities, new business creations made by enterprises were encouraged in order to increase services. Despite the difficulties of the pandemic, the tourism sector always affirms that service quality creates the brand name for Hue; in which, resort tourism is identified as the key product line this year.

Story and photos: QUANG SANG