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05/03/2018 - 10:33

Release of two stump-tailed macaques into natural environment

The Center for Wildlife Rescue, Conservation and Development of Bach Ma National Park received two stump-tailed macaques from the Forest Protection Division of Phu Vang district on March 1. After rescuing them, the Center released the two macaques back to the natural environment.

The stump-tailed macaque after released back into the nature

These two stump-tailed macaques were hunted by two locals to raise at home. The Forest Protection Department of Phu Vang district has encouraged them to hand the animals over to the rescue unit. The macaques, after being admitted, have normal health status, with no signs of injury.             

The stump-tailed macaque is a primate species with dark brown, red-brown or black-brown hair covering the body, with red face and almost no tail. The young has yellow to white hair. Stump-tailed macaques are animals that need to be protected, listed in the Annex IIB-Decree No. 32/2006 / ND-CP dated 22 April 2002 of the Government and are classified as endangered in the Red Book of Vietnam.

Story and photo: Hoang Trieu