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10/12/2020 - 08:50

Reproducing Truyen Lo Ceremony to honor talented people

In order to honor talented people and to promote the value of Quoc Tu Giam and other heritage, both tangible and intangible, Hue Monuments Conservation Center comes up with the idea of a ceremony honoring excellent students and awarding doctorates based on Truyen Lo Ceremony, the ceremony that announced examination results of the Nguyen Dynasty.

Examination results announced at Van Lau Pavilion

Besides lively reproducing classrooms and examinations at Quoc Tu Giam, the university of the Nguyen Dynasty, organizing a ceremony honoring prominent students who win national awards and scientists with effective researches and awarding doctorates at Hue University is a meaningful activity aiming at promoting the value of Quoc Tu Giam in Hue. The ceremony is based on Truyen Lo Ceremony, Vinh-quy Bai-to Ceremony (returning home to pay gratitude to ancestors after achieving academic honors) and the reception that followed.

As suggested by Dr. Le Thi An Hoa, head of the Research Bureau of Hue Monuments Conservation Center, the ceremony will be solemnly organized at various places such as Noon Gate, Van Lau Pavilion, Quoc Tu Giam. Noon Gate is where the honor ceremony takes place and Quoc Tu Giam is where people come to pay gratitude to their ancestors, followed by a reception. On display at Quoc Tu Giam are copies of the 32 texts inscribed on the steles of the 293 doctors of the Nguyen Dynasty from Minh Mang Era to Khai Dinh Era.

The traditional nuance can be seen through costume, music, sounds of bells and drums, flags, warriors, etc. The procession will start from Quoc Tu Giam, going along the August 23 St., to Noon Gate for the honor ceremony. At Van Lau Pavilion, the “golden list” is announced. The procession then restarts from Van Lau Pavilion back to Quoc Tu Giam for the reception, including distributing awards and paying gratitude to ancestors. 

“Quoc Tu Giam will be the main place that hosts the activity every year. The ceremony will be for students from high schools, colleges and universities, those who have new ideas in the province and new doctors at Hue University or prominent Hue natives who study abroad. It can also be for typical scientists with a view to attracting talented people,” said Dr. Le Thi An Hoa. 

Quoc Tu Giam in Hue has been the symbol of wisdom and spirit for many generations of intellects over hundreds of years. Choosing Noon Gate to host the honor ceremony, Di Luan Duong to host the Vinh-quy Bai-to ceremony and the reception is to honor excellent achievements by pupils and students and to educate them about the pride and responsibility to the nation. The reception at Quoc Tu Giam is also a chance to introduce and promote the royal cuisine. 

According to Mr. Vo Le Nhat, Director of Hue Monuments Conservation Center, the ceremony is to honor the studying tradition and to encourage talented people of the province. It at the same time promotes the cultural heritage of Hue, especially Quoc Tu Giam, the oldest university in Hue in the feudal time. It helps provide an insight into examinations of the Nguyen Dynasty. In this way, heritage is brought closer to pupils and students.

Story: Minh Hien