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03/07/2020 - 10:44

Resuscitation for patient with intussusception due to hook and fishing line

This rare case was of a 42-year-old female patient residing in Ba Don, Quang Binh.

Before being admitted to Hue Central Hospital, the patient was treated at hospitals in Quang Binh and Hanoi for 3 weeks, with a diagnosis of enteritis. The patient had an endoscopy of the stomach, colonoscopy and abdominal CT scan, but no lesions were detected.

On June 19, the patient was admitted to Hue Central Hospital with intestinal obstruction, soft abdomen without distension. After performing essential laboratory tests, the patient was found to have pain due to intussusception of small bowel and quickly underwent laparoscopic surgery to thoroughly treat the lesions.

After successful surgery, doctors removed an object in the patient's intestine, including a 2cm hook penetrated the wall of the small intestine with 40cm long fishing line rolled with food that formed a large mass, causing intussusception with reactive lymphadenopathy.

After 2 days of surgery, there is no abdominal pain, as the patient regains her bowel movements and is mentally stable.

By Dong Van