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01/09/2020 - 22:25

Rice harvesting during the pandemic 

In the summer-autumn crop this year, farmers face more difficulties as the weather is not favorable. It is drought in the middle of the crop, and it rains in harvest time.

However, farmers all over the area have overcome the difficulties by taking advantage of sunny days to harvest rice in flooded fields by manual methods. In the dry fields, after the combine harvester completes its task, in some places, they collect straws to make compost and grow mushrooms, reducing the burning of straws in the fields.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, even when harvesting rice in the fields or drying paddy at their houses, they still follow pandemic prevention measures, wear face masks regularly, although it has not been easy for them before...

That was recorded by Nguyen Phong, the collaborator, during the days when he went along with farmers to the fields to harvest rice.

The ripe rice season tinting golden the vast area

Busy harvesting days

Collecting straws to make the fields clean

Let's push!

Taking advantage of the sunny day, farmers dry the paddy before storing and packing it