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12/12/2019 - 11:43

Riding smart bicycles to explore Hue city: Friendly tourism product

The project of smart bicycles is expected to bring a new product to Hue tourism

Many tourists choose bicycles as their travel vehicle

Researching into tourist influx and piloting the project

When the province is planning the programs of encouraging riding bicycles, the project of traveling by smart bicycles invested by Viet Professional Software Solutions Joint Stock Company (Vietsoftpro) is expected to create an appropriate product, supplementing the title of clean tourism city of ASEAN.

Before this project, it was not so hard to come across the images of tourists riding bicycles leisurely to explore the heritage city. Many travel agencies also consider bicycles an effective means of tourism, creating experience tours to attract tourists.

A survey done by Tourism Department found that traveling by bicycles is expedient to European tourists. It is clearly shown that the garden and heritage tourist destinations attract a great number of European tourist delegations riding bicycles to pay a visit and experience stay services.

During a visit to the pomelo garden of Mr. Ho Xuan Dai (Thuy Bieu ward, Hue city), Mr. Peter (a tourist from the United States) said that there are not many cities all over the world having the slow lifestyle like Hue, and bicycles is an effective means to experience it. Riding bicycles not only helps tourists contemplate the heritages, and the landscape of Hue, but also brings them an opportunity to get closer to local people and perceive their daily lives.

Not only the exploring destinations in Hue and suburban areas, but the tourist destinations that are far from the city also serve bicycles-riding service to tourists. In Phuoc Tich ancient village, the services of experiencing and exploring the village by bicycles help tourists to perceive the specialty of Vietnamese countryside. 

Besides, tourists can also visit other tourist destinations such as My Xuyen carpentry village, Pho Trach mattress knitting village, Van Trinh net making village, etc., on the same occasion.

European tourists are excited about experiencing traveling by bicycles

According to Mr. Nguyen Van Phuc, Vice Director of Tourism Department, although this is a friendly means that helps tourists lengthen their stay and experience the attractions longer, it is necessary to make an appropriate plan for the project of smart bicycle service.

“Traveling by bicycles is not the favor of all tourist community. When implementing this project, the investor has to pilot using hundreds of bicycles to do market research such as surveying the routes and destinations which are suitable for the bicycle riding,” said Mr. Phuc.

Applying technology to overcome difficulties

According to the project investor, when the project comes into operation, tourists only need to scan QR code to unlock the bicycles for use; at the same time, since the connection on smartphones is activated, GPS will be integrated to keep track of the bicycles’ location anytime. The project will be implemented all over the area of Hue city, and some surrounding areas.

The information – utility service stations will be set in the smart bicycle parking lots with the aims of providing food and beverage services, Hue travel guide, and information about the free destinations.

 “Using the bicycle system in Hue city helps local people to access the convenient means of transport to move within a short distance. The investment goal is to apply technology into the smart bicycle system to electrify and automate the services for local people and tourists; contribute to reducing air pollution, promote the public transport service, and promote the cultural heritage values of Hue,” said Mr. Hoang Quoc Viet, CEO of Vietsoftpro

Enjoying agricultural products in a bicycle tour

The project of smart bicycles is expected to launch before 2020 Lunar New Year with 1.000 bicycles ready for use (in which there are 600 bicycles for regular operation and the rest 400 for reserve). The investor will choose the appropriate destinations to pilot the project. In particular, they will invest in building 19 parking lots with harmony design with Hue style, which provide necessary facilities such as toilets, vending machines, etc.

Mr. Nguyen Van Phuc said that in addition to carrying out the survey of the pilot destinations, it is necessary to create the styled bicycles to stimulate tourists’ curiousness. “When the project comes into operation, the tourism sector will associate the travel agencies together to open a promotion program to attract tourists. We will also coordinate with the province to hold a non-motorized vehicle day to promote the project. Maybe it will be held 1 day per month or 1 day per week,” said Mr. Phuc

“If the project of smart bicycles gains success, it will help Thua Thien Hue reduce air pollution, enhance health, reduce personal traffic pressure, and create a Thua Thien Hue friendly environment for tourists, aiming at developing  “Cities for people” of Hue city in particular and Thua Thien Hue in general”, Mr. Cung Trong Cuong, Director of the Research and Development Institute affirmed.

At the practical survey on implementing the smart bicycle project on October 12, Chairman of the Provincial’s People Committee Phan Ngoc Tho highly appreciated the project’s goals to build up the image of Hue – a green and smart tourism city in the eyes of friends from home and abroad. At the same time, he affirmed that the Citadel is oriented to be a vehicle smoke-free tourist destination. Therefore, the project of smart bicycles should be carried out soon to serve tourists and local people”.

Story: Le Tho; photos: Thuong Hien