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30/06/2020 - 06:08

Rowing SUP and swimming in the Perfume River 

Hundreds of people in Hue City and from surrounding areas have poured to the Perfume River to cool down by rowing SUP (Standup Paddle Board) or swimming in the river.

Under the heat in the past days, many people go to the Perfume River to have a swim in the afternoon

After 17:00 every day, when the sunlight has just fallen down, many people in Hue City and from the surrounding areas have poured into the Perfume River, the section along the park next to Da Vien Bridge on Bui Thi Xuan Street, on the Southern bank of the river, and the Ben Me area on the Northern bank of the river, which is opposite Nguyen Trai Street.

Many people buy the SUPs themselves or can rent them to row on the river. Others row and/or swim along the riverbanks. In order to ensure the safety, most of them bring along life jackets, or plastic bottles. “This river section is clean with cool water, so that everyone loves going to bath here. Everyone tells each other to be careful, not to swim too far, and children must wear life jackets and swim with adults,” said N., a local who often goes for a swim in the river shared.

According to our observation, in the Ben Me area, a warning board to people is also set up. On the other bank of the river, the park near the Da Vien Bridge, the SUP rental unit also arranges a lifeboat on duty when the SUP hirers are rowing.

Following are some photos captured by Thua Thien Hue Online:

Parents carefully wear life jackets for their children before they enter the water

The warning board set up by the People's Committee of Phu Thuan Ward to remind the people

Among many people going for a swim in the Perfume River, there are elderly people who are well equipped with protective equipment

The water of the Perfume River is very clean and cool so everyone enjoys swimming

A lot of people swim in the Perfume River when it turns to late afternoon

Rowing SUP on the river

Most people wear life jackets, ensuring safety for them

The lifeboat is on duty on the Perfume River

A video clip of people swimming in the Perfume River

Story, photos and video: P. Thanh