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25/12/2020 - 08:43

Ru Cha - The check-in point for four seasons 

Ru Cha (Huong Phong Commune, Huong Tra Town), which is no more strange to visitors near and far, is a destination not to be missed when coming to Hue. In this place, besides the primeval mangrove forest almost exclusively preserved in the Tam Giang lagoon system, there is also a rich ecosystem and the landscape with poetic beauty.

Moreover, with the advantage of not being too far away from Hue City (about nine kilometers, as going along the Highway 49 to Thuan An Beach, and then turning left following the signposts), and convenient traffic, Ru Cha is now a check-in point for four seasons, as it has its unique beauty in every season: from the green forest changing leaves to the fairy-tale golden autumn season, or the winter season with bare branches, etc.

Thua Thien Hue Weekly would like to introduce to the readers a series of photos of Ru Cha, captured by Hoang Phuoc, the photographer, as a suggestion for those who want beautiful photo collections at the end of the year.

The season when buffalos going to the field

"Checking-in" in every single season

Ru Cha also brings many aquatic resources to the local people