Culture Festival

03/01/2018 - 14:44

Russian folk art collective "Siberian Patterns" to perform in Hue Festival 2018

"Siberian Patterns", a well-known folk dance troupe from Novosibirsk, Russian Federation will participate in the Festival this year, said Hue Festival 2018 Organizing Committee.

The “Siberian Patterns” will bring about dances considered the trademark of Russia. Photo: Hue Festival 2018 Organizing Committee

The dance troupe "Siberian Patterns" has a rich repertoire of selective traditional performances from various regions throughout Russia. Each of the items features elaborate choreography, costume, theme, and plot. The dance troupe is not only famous in the Russian but also well-known around the globe, and its performances are considered the trademark of the Russian artistic dance.

The show offered by the “Siberian Patterns" to Hue Festival 2018 is based on the traditional dances namely "horovod" or also known as round dances, exhibiting the beauty and the tenderness of Russian girls and depicting the agility and playfulness of the Russian boys while dancing. The personality and soul of the Siberian people are carved into each of the dances. The dancers, with bright elegant costumes and wonderful music, will definitely bring a festive atmosphere to the festival and inspire the audiences to sway along with the music.

Duc Quang