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12/03/2020 - 16:48

Sacrificing the interest of the business to ensure social safety

The business is willing to sacrifice its interest to join hands in COVID-19 prevention when agreeing to use Sun & Sea Hotel as an isolation place for travelers who have close contact with patients infected with COVID-19. This action deserves respect from society.

Disinfecting specialized vehicle carrying tourists to isolation area

Stringent process

“Hurry up everyone, there's only an hour left to welcome guests!” the urging sound of Mr. Ngo Van Dao, the manager of Sun & Sea Hotel, resounded in Zone D, which is selected for the isolation area.

Inside, dozens of people were in a hurry to sweep, clean and prepare the rooms. Without waiting, this manager was also rushing to bring brand new televisions to replace the existing outdated TVs. In the corridor, there were dozens of telecommunications officers hurriedly installing the Internet and free Wi-Fi system for the whole Zone D.

On the opposite side is a small hall, dozens of police and military soldiers were trained quickly by medical staff on health protection for the outer protective ring of the isolation area.

Presenting at Sun & Sea Hotel on the evening of March 9, Mr. Dang Van Tuan, Deputy Director of Phu Vang District Medical Center, announced that all were ready. The announcement was quickly transmitted to Hue city, and the tourists began to be taken to the new hotel.

After a few minutes, a specialized van (ambulance) took 14 tourists from Moonlight Hotel to Sun & Sea Hotel.

The driver got off the van (equipped with protective gear), providing tourist list to the two waiting nurses. After checking the procedures, the tourists were taken to the isolation rooms one after another. Before leaving zone D, the van was disinfected again.

Mr. Dang Van Tuan informed that Phu Vang District Health Center sent officers to monitor the tourists’ health twice a day and there was one(s) on duty 24/7 until the quarantine of tourists was over. There are 3 protected rings. From the barrier to zone D, only medical staff can access and they must wear protective clothing; next is the management ring of District Health Center officials and the third ring is the hotel gate and surrounding areas which are strictly guarded by security forces, ensuring that "nobody in, nobody out".

Zone D is used as a separate place isolated from other areas in the Sun & Sea Hotel. From the second floor, one(s) can observe the vastness of Tam Giang lagoon. Airy and close-to-nature space is the right choice for isolation, a place to ensure the vacation standard for tourists.

Join hands against epidemics

Checking and encouraging the reception of tourists at Sun & Sea Hotel, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Van Phuong appreciated the awareness of the staff and officers working here, especially the business owner of Sun & Sea Hotel who shared the difficulties with the province by agreeing upon the request to use the hotel as a isolation area.

Mr. Ngo Van Dao said that when the provincial leader came to the survey and found that Sun & Sea Hotel was eligible to be the isolation area for tourists, in the spirit of joining hands in the "campaign" against COVID-19, we must have obligations and responsibilities. On the available premises and rooms, the hotel was equipped with additional equipment, sanitary solutions to disinfect, ensuring clean and comfortable place when guests arrive.

Due to the fact that the hotel is used as a place to isolate tourists, some employees temporarily leave the work, two tourists moved to other places, many people in the area were worried. Vice Chairman Nguyen Van Phuong requested functional agencies to intensify propaganda and reassure public opinion. These tourists are completely healthy, have negative results, and quarantining is a work included in the Ministry of Health's recommendation to tourists.

The hotel manager also said that the business would suffer many losses, but still be ready for the common goals; so everyone here and there should understand and be aware that this is just a place used to isolate tourists, not to bring disease, and they should not discriminate the hotel and its staff.

Vice Chairman Nguyen Van Phuong emphasized: "In this situation, participation in epidemic prevention is considered a "mission". At this time, people have to join hands with the province to fight against epidemics; trust the synchronous solutions of the authorities having been developed to protect the health of the whole society ”.

Story and photo: Duc Quang