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28/12/2021 - 08:12

Saving memories with photobook

There are various ways to save gorgeous photos of love, families, and friends. With Hue youngsters, saving memories are even more interesting when turning those pictures into an eye-catching photobook carrying the richness of messages and significance.

Catching the moments with family (photo taken before the COVID-19 outbreak)

Various in types

Together with the developing technology, painstakingly selecting photos, choosing printing units, buying albums, then arranging each photo to pages is no longer the optimal choice. For that reason, photobook “was born”. This is a printed product that turns normal photos into stories, which are strung by optional effects and designs.

As a youngster and a photographer, Ho Truong Thanh chose photobook to save memories with his family. He shared: “I choose photobook due to its simplicity and convenience. Photobook is not only suitable for those having demand in saving memories but it is also a mean that everybody can access without being professional in technology, or design”.

Although she is not a photographer, with Truong Ngoc Anh, a 9X girl falling in love with anniversary days, the photobook is also an interesting choice.

Ngoc Anh said: “Previously, it took me a long time to make a photo album. At that time, I was confused in choosing the more beautiful photos, finding printing units, and buying an appropriate album. However, after getting to know about photobook, owning one is not anything too difficult”.

Saving trips’ memories

With simple tips such as entering printing websites (photobookvietnam, colorbook, artclick, etc.,) and selecting and arranging the photos wanting to be printed, then choosing the effects, papers, size, what youngsters need to do are preparing the sufficient money and waiting for the final photobook.

With its convenience, swiftness, and usefulness, there are various choices for photobook lovers. From magazine photobook to fat or curved-opening photobook, depending on the quantity, paper quality, or printing technology, each kind of photobook will cost from 200.000 VND to several million VND.

Sharing moments

While magazine photobook bringing Western vibe is light and subtle, the flat-opening photobook is modern and luxurious. As for the curved-opening one, this is a great choice for those loving the feeling of flipping traditional newspapers.

“As for my birthday this year, instead of being confused in selecting photos for the album, I made myself a unique curved-opening photobook with birthday photos into significant stories,”, shared Ngoc Anh.

From the photos taken with friends, families to the ones that catch the moment of welcoming new age in her own romantic space, the photos of the little young girl are all connected together in the photobook by wishes and adorable icons. Ngoc Anh plans that she not only makes photobooks for her birthday, but also does the same thing for her coming trips, even for her wedding in the future, etc.

Reviewing beautiful memories with photobook

Although it is believed that technology is increasingly widening the gap between people and people, with appropriate applications, technology becomes a bridge to fully catch and share happy moments. Hence, as Ngoc Anh’s intentions, many young people have chosen photobook for their weddings, trips, even for their childbirth itinerary.

Therefore, photobook has become an adorable experience product of Ho Truong Thanh’s family. Together flipping each page of the photobook, he shared: “For me, the moment when I enjoy the family photos with my family members is extremely precious and significant. Not only me, my parents are also in love with “showing off” these photos with our guests when they come to our home”.

Instead of sharing photos to Facebook, Instagram, or Zalo, those memorable moments in life are turned out to be unique photobooks. As a meaningful present, or simply is a way to save beautiful and memorable memories, photobook has made people come closer when they can together enjoy memorable moments in life under the brand new form.

Story: Mai Hue. Photos: Provided by the character