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Celebrating 100th birthday of world-renowned artist Le Ba Dang

Celebrating 100th birthday of world-renowned artist Le Ba Dang 

Cập Nhật 23-07-2022

Le Ba Dang became a famous painter in Europe who was viewed as a master artist of the East and West art worlds. He passed away in 2015 in Paris, aged 94.

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Falling in love with Hue

Falling in love with Hue 

Cập Nhật 12-12-2019

Hue is beautiful and not too big with hospitable people. Although I have ever lived in Paris, and I love Hanoi or Saigon very much, I do not really like living in such busy and polluted urban areas, and it takes too much time to go around.

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Augmented Reality Exhibition  – the ‘Joy’

Augmented Reality Exhibition – the ‘Joy’ 

Cập Nhật 04-04-2018

The exhibition is a combination of 12 artists from different disciplines, such as the Paris Playground Graphic Design Studio, the Annecy photographer and director Romain Laurent (who is famous for his unique GIF files), the French director Emmanuel Cossu, the British cartoonist Jon Burgerman, etc.

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Oliver Oet – the inspirer

Oliver Oet – the inspirer 

Cập Nhật 15-02-2018

Ceramic artist Oliver Oet, 62 years old, from Paris (France) has crossed thousands of nautical miles with his Japanese ceramic production techniques to bring new life to the disabled children at the Hue Hope Center (20 Nhat Le, Hue city).

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