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17/02/2019 - 09:59

Season of changing leaves of the trees 

Strolling in the city, under the rows of red leaf trees in the cold weather days, with a little sunshine in the early spring, tourists fall more in love with the lyrical land, bending itself along the romantic river.

In early spring, Hue puts on itself a new shirt. The leaves of the old year, before leaving the branches to make room for new green sprouts, glow with a crimson color, making the space and the sky become more romantic and poetic.

The road is covered with yellow leaves

The gate with red leaves of Terminalia catappa in the season of changing leaves


Dazed with red leaves of a Terminalia catappa canopy in the school yard

The window of the classroom hidden behind the red leaves of Terminalia catappa canopies

Colorful leaves of a Terminalia catappa tree are turning their colors by the Huong river

The roads are like the paintings with a mixture of blue, yellow and red colors

THUA THIEN HUE WEEKEND would like to introduce to you those moments, which were recorded by Khanh Dang - a photographer, via this photo reportage!