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11/12/2018 - 16:12

Seminar on the cultural heritages of Nguyet Bieu and Huong Can villages

On the afternoon of December 10, the Union of Arts and Literature Associations of the province in collaboration with Vietnam National Cultural and Art Institute in Hue held a seminar entitled "Cultural Heritages of Hue villages", session I: Historical figure Ho Quang Dai and Cultural Heritages of Nguyet Bieu Village (Hue City) and Huong Can Village (Huong Tra Town).

The discussion, with the participation of Hue's cultural researchers and representatives from the Ho’s family of Nguyet Bieu and Huong Can villages, focused on the main contents: Overview of Nguyet Bieu village and Huong Can village; the mark of the Ho’s family in Nguyet Bieu village; the Ho’s family and Tong Ho’s family branch in Huong Can village; the historical figure Ho Quan Dai and the relationship between the Ho’s families of Nguyet Bieu and Huong Can villages. The discussion also focused on the existing issues and anticipated problems when exploring the cultural heritages of Nguyet Bieu and Huong Can villages.

According to the researchers, H.E. Ho Quang Dai and the Ho great family in Nguyet Bieu - Huong Can villages, with their important markings in the social life and cultural history of Hue, deserve to be studied, glorified and promoted in a distinctive way.

By Phuoc Ly