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22/10/2021 - 08:29

Sending love through paintings

Aiming to spread creativity in community activities, Vo Ca Dao and his colleagues created Hue Art Camp, an intriguing art playground for young people in Hue.

A new playground for young people. Photo provided by the character, shot before COVID-19 outbreak.


Hue Art Camp – Relax painting in Hue, initially, aims to be an event where people who are passionate about painting meet up every weekend, immerse themselves in nature and unleash their creativity with lines and colors. It would also be an opportunity for parents to participate in outdoor activities with their children, limiting the use of electronic devices and tightening family bonds.

Mr. Vo Ca Dao said: “Even though it was just established in early 2021, Hue Art Camp has organized various programs and events, such as Vẽ tranh tặng mẹ (Painting for Mom), Sắc màu hạnh phúc (Colors of Happiness), Vẽ cùng thiên nhiên (Drawing nature) ... Each event has different purposes and ways of organizing, but our goal was to create values associated with life through our activities.”

While Colors of Happiness emphasized on unlimited creativity (where each participant can become a book cover artist), Painting for Mom offered simple and love-filled stories. During the pandemic, Hue Art Camp organized an online painting contest on COVID-19 prevention and an online exhibition called “Loving arms”.

“Together with the nation’s battle against the pandemic, we organized this contest in hope of sending beautiful images and positive messages to cheer and energize our frontline workers in fighting thepandemic, as well as encouraging everyone to persevere this difficult period,” said My Nhi, a member of Hue Art Camp.

…and sharing love

From the contest, the loving images of the medical team - the soldiers on the frontlines of the fight against the pandemic, as well as the solidarity and the kindness of the people have become more touching than ever. All were shown by the clear, emotional drawings from dozens of contestants. Through it, many messages have left deep emotions.

There was the images of sunflowers, fearlessly growing through the virus, reaching out for the sun. There were also the images of the medical teams, with their heart full of determination and enthusiasm, and there was Mother Earth wrapped in the loving arms of her children.

Vo Hoang Anh Khoa, a contestant who conveyed his thoughts and feelings through the picture of sunflowers, shared: “Amid the complicated pandemic situation, I hope everyone's life will still be beautiful and full of vitality. Together, we will overcome the pandemic, heading towards a better future.”

The desire to send a message as well as sharing optimistic and positive energy was how Hue Art Camp's painting programs and contests came to be. “We believed it would carry out our inspirational events by our colors and hopes conveyed in each of the pictures,” Vo Ca Dao confided.

In the near future, Mr. Ca Dao and his colleagues will continue to organize more meaningful programs such as wearing “new clothes” for stone benches, turning bottles, jars and waste into art products.

“Furthermore, when the pandemic is brought under control, we will organize more workshops on how to make traditional cakes and embroideries to inspire and help young people find inspiration in artistic activities,” he said.

Through meaningful programs, Hue Art Camp has connected the heart and the power of love into paintings. It is faith, hope and most of all, togetherness and solidarity in the current difficult period.

Story and photo:  Mai Hue