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30/05/2018 - 18:27

Secretary of Provincial Party Committee Le Truong Luu:

Senior officials should have sufficient virtue, capacity and prestige.

After six working days, the 7th session of the 12th Party Central Committee fruitfully came to an end. On this occasion, the reporter of the Thua Thien Hue Newspaper had a quick interview with Member of Party Central Committee, Secretary of the provincial Party Committee, and Chairman of the provincial People's Council Le Truong Luu.

Member of Party Central Committee, Secretary of the provincial Party Committee, and Chairman of the provincial People's Council Le Truong Luu

What do you think about the contents of the 7th  session of the 12th  Party Central Committee, Sir?

The three contents of this conference are critically important, urgent, long-term, and relevant to the success of Vietnam’s revolution in the new era.

As regards officials and personnel work, the Central Committee made it clear that the contingent of officials, especially strategic-level ones that we center on developing in the coming time, must have sufficient virtue, capacity and prestige, meet the requirements, and actively integrate into the world.

The highlight of this resolution is that the Party Central Committee requires the Party Committee levels to make an objective and accurate assessment of officials; provide mechanisms for motivating, innovating and training through practice; and develop solutions for controlling power, and combating bribery for promotion and power, individualism, sectionalism and kinship in personnel work.

This is one of the primary tasks of fighting the corruption of power in the public administration apparatus, the degeneration among some officials and party members in order to strengthen and raise the people's belief in the Party, the State and our regime.

Accordingly, in the second half of the tenure of the 12th  Party Central Committee, there is a need to strive to further complete institutionalization, translating the Resolution into the Party's stipulations and the State's law on personnel work; to build and manage the contingent of officials in line with the planning and practical situation; to step by step appoint the non-local secretary at the provincial or district  Party Committee level; to complete the reassessment and restructuring of the contingent of officials at all levels in association with the consolidation of the streamlined apparatus organization, and effective operation. Simultaneously, the personnel preparation for the Party congress at all levels and the 13th Party National Congress should be well done.

The Party Central Committee has also agreed to promulgate a resolution on reforming the salary policy in order to soon establish a scientific and transparent system of national salary policy in accordance with the actual situation of the country. Wages should be the main source of income for the salaried and their families.

The wage policy reform should go hand in hand with the administrative reform, renovation, streamlining, raising the apparatus organization effectiveness of the political system and public administrative units, promoting the advantages, and effectively overcoming the shortcomings and inadequacies of the current wage policy.

The Central Committee agreed that in the future, reforms should be stepped up so that social insurance may really become a pillar of the social security system. The system of organization, management and implementation of social insurance policies should continue to be renovated and perfected. The confidence, attractiveness and satisfaction of the people as well as social insurance purchasers should be boosted.

In your view, for the personnel work to make a great breakthrough, contributing to the country's development, what solutions should be put forward?

Building the contingent of officials, especially the strategic-level ones, is a vital task, which is the regular work of the Party. Investing in personnel building is an investment for long-term and sustainable development.

With this end in view, I propose three solutions: The recruitment quality of civil servants should be inspected. A party committee secretary should not be a local.  Moral and talented people needs to be nominated for leadership. These make a major breakthrough in improving the recruitment quality of the civil servants especially when there exist many educational and training forms of uneven quality.

Prior to recruitment tests, candidates must have certificates of eligibility issued by the centers for professional accreditation. In addition, it is necessary to pilot the professional accreditation of government officials, especially those in important sectors directly related to the people and enterprises.

The assignment of the leader to introduce or nominate an official for a leading position is a new policy in the personnel work in order to promptly detect and foster moral and talented people. Historically, our forefathers also implemented this policy. To this end, I would like to suggest the following solutions: First, the nominator’s responsibilities should be stipulated. If the nominee fails to fulfill his / her duties or is found to be negative, corrupt, and is disciplined or prosecuted, the nominator shall be jointly liable. Second, there is a need to promulgate the procedures and stipulations on inspection and supervision of nomination, the stipulations on power control to prevent bribery for promotion and power, and group interests.

What should the province focus on to put the Party Central Committee's Resolution into practice soon in the coming time, Sir?

It is imperative to soon announce, study, and grasp the core of the Resolution of the 7th session of the 12th Party Central Committee, especially on personnel work, and reforms in salary policy and social insurance policy for Party organizations, officials and Party members.

It is necessary to carry out an intensive and extensive propaganda about the contents of  the Resolution among officials, Party members and people from all walks of life, especially the important resolutions adopted by the 7th session. The contingent of officials especially at the provincial and district levels should be reassessed for training and upgrading with a view to meeting the present-day practical requirements.

It is essential to make a positive breakthrough in awareness and action, and accordingly to propose a plan of implementation and a specific practical program of action that can be successfully implemented with a strong determination.

Thank you for your talk.

By Anh Phong