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28/08/2022 - 09:32

Shaping the cobblestones 

Having experience in working in the field of tourism, understanding the needs of tourists and realizing that no one has ever sold products from cobblestones in the area, Le Duy Bao (Huong Ho, Hue City) chose cobblestone to start-up after a long time of work suspension due to the pandemic.

Cobblestones are imported from different sources, both domestic and foreign. After being imported, Bao and his wife, and workers shape, mix colors and paint on the cobblestones to create very unique and useful products. As a result, these products are very popular with domestic and foreign customers. Bao’s cobblestone shaping facility also occasionally welcomes delegations to visit and experience and they are very interested in this model.

Composing picture on the product

Composing picture on the product

Applying color protection solution

Applying color protection solution

Being used in life

Stages of shaping the stone

Stages of shaping the stone

Stages of shaping the stone

Wide range of products from cobblestones

By Thua Thien Hue Weekly

Photo: Dang Tuyen