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10/10/2019 - 15:30

Signing memorandum of understanding on elderly care based on Kaigo standard - Japan

Hue Central Hospital has just signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Aomori Social Welfare Group, Japan on rehabilitation and elderly care based on Kaigo standard (A model of elderly care based on self-reliance and assisting self-reliance in Japanese style)

Leaders of the two parties signing the MoU

According to the MoU, Aomori Social Welfare Group will conduct research workshops on welfare and health care in Vietnam and Japan; train and develop human resources for Kaigo at Hue Central Hospital; invest in elderly care facilities; and organize international exchanges between the Group and Hue Central Hospital. 

In order to achieve the set goals, the two parties are both responsible for closely coordinating as well as creating favorable conditions for each other in the process of deployment and implementation. The Group will bring young nurses in Hue to attend training courses on a term basis at Kaigo facilities, Japan. Then, these nurses will return to work at Hue Central Hospital and Vietnamese health facilities. 

Director of Hue Central Hospital, Prof. Pham Nhu Hiep appreciated the results and contributions of the Group to elderly care in Japan. Hopefully, this Kaigo model will soon be applied at Hue Central Hospital and in Vietnam in the near future.

By Minh Van