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14/04/2022 - 08:14

Skateboards and street art in a great combination

“Spraying Board Vietnam” is the theme of a street art exhibition organized by the French Institute in Hue, which opened on the evening of April 12. Attending the event was Ms. Frédérique Horn, Attaché for Cooperation and Cultural Activities of the Consulate General of France in Ho Chi Minh City.

The exhibition gives the public an interesting experience of street art

40 skateboards were transformed into unique works of art by 4 Vietnamese and 6 French artists. They used new skateboards covered with white paint, curved surface, less common materials, in narrow and long form... to compose and create new and colorful works.

The artists have performed the foursome as a series of paintings with the same theme, exploiting their own imaginations to share with the public a glimpse of urban life or a poetic moment, which were reproduced on four skateboards.

The exhibition is the result of cooperation between the French Institute in Vietnam and the Superposition Association in Lyon, France, to introduce the intersection between skateboarding and street art.

Skateboarding is a sport that requires the player to adapt to obstacles, glide around and shift from one place to another; turning the player into the center point of the city.

Like skateboarding, street art also has obstacles that require artists to adapt to creative spaces, bringing color and rhythm to the city.

Both these disciplines bring about exciting experiences and moments. Therefore, the viewers will have the opportunity to clearly feel the strong energy spreading from the combination of these two disciplines.

Before that, the artists from France had a meeting with the public to share more about the exhibition and street art.

The exhibition lasts until May 15.

By Minh Hien