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01/02/2020 - 19:30

Sketching Hue Ancient Capital

“The journey of Sketching Hue Ancient Capital 2020” was the activity held from January 29 to February 1 by Hue Museum of Fine Arts in collaboration with Urban Sketchers Vietnam and Thua Thien Hue Fine Arts Association.

The group of Urban Sketchers Vietnam sketching ancient architectural works in Hue

Participating the program, the architects, painters, and artists who are the members of the Urban Sketchers Vietnam in Ha Noi, Hue and Da Nang sketched the architectural works, as well as the works of culture, landscapes, people and cuisine of Hue such as Hue Citadel, Tu Duc royal tomb, Khai Dinh royal tomb, Vong Canh hill, Bao Vinh ancient town, Huong river, Truong Tien bridge, and garden houses, etc.

Furthermore, on the night of April 1, the sketches will sketch the opening ceremony of Hue Festival 2020. The quality works will be selected to display in Hue Festival 2020.

Mrs. Dinh Thi Hoai Trai, Director of Hue Museum of Fine Arts said: “This is a community-based multimedia art activity which contributes to preserving, promoting and honoring the heritage cultural values of Hue Ancient Capital to domestic tourists and international friends on the occasion of Hue festival 2020. The appropriate sketch pictures of the architectural works, landscapes, and cuisines will be selected to print on souvenir products such as handbags, hats, and T-shirts, etc.”

Story, photo: Minh Hien