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13/03/2020 - 17:50

"Slowly walking along the Perfume river"

It is a book of Nguyen Ngoc Dung, an architect, who recounted and sketched what he saw and heard about dreamy Hue.

The book "Slowly walking along the Perfume river" is available at Phuong Nam bookstore system. Photo: Netabooks

The book introduces readers to the pagodas with fascinating history, the churches having gone into literature, the beautiful ancient citadel and the beliefs of Hue people. Moreover, the picturesque landscapes of the Huong river, of the hills and seas and lagoons, as well as the festivals featuring culture, featuring folk and royal court cuisine, and the life of Hue people ... these have broughtemotions to the author who turned them into essays after wandering days to learn.

The 280-page book, published by Thong Tan Publisher, is available at Phuong Nam bookstore system.

By Hue News