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20/02/2018 - 09:02

Spectators flocks around for the cockfight festival

Occurring on the second and third days of the Lunar New Year in Thuong Bac Park, the cockfight festival is a form of entertainment that fascinates numerous people.

The cockpit is ringed with spectators

Nguyen Huu Bao (Phu Thuan Ward, Hue City), a passionate fan, said: "No matter if having a fighting rooster or not, everyone comes here to watch cockfights. On Tet holiday, there is no bigger fun than watching these kinds of folk games.”

“Cock fighting is a cultural feature, and it also shows martial spirit. Fighting cock owners must be ones who have a lot of experience and invest much of their time and effort in the training of their “soldier”. Many people see their roosters as a friend, with mutual understanding and connection,” shared Pham Tien Dung, the referee of the cockpit.

Taking care of "fighting cocks" during the break

Prior to tournaments, roosters have been specially bred and conditioned (for increased stamina and strength), and carefully trained in order to win the battles. A seasoned owner would know to opt for the best breed of birds to raise. Some would even investigate carefully if the parent of the rooster is a fearless and warlike fighter or not.

Owners see their rooster as a friend

According to the owners, the cocks are brought to the ring for friendly matches, as a way to foster their fighting ability, and at the same time the festival is an entertainment activity embedded with Vietnamese cultural identity in the early days of spring.

Story and photos: Phuoc Ly