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20/02/2018 - 14:32

Spring excursion to Huyền Không Sơn Thượng

Huyền Không Sơn Thượng pagoda is a popular place for tourists to enjoy the tranquility on the first days of the New Year

Huyền Không Sơn Thượng Pagoda is located in a valley and surrounded by high mountains and vast pine forests. Instead of a three-door temple gate, the pagoda just has a very normal gate like other garden houses in Hue. The pagoda’s campus is a green garden with small streams dotted with violet water lilies, valuable orchid pots, ancient plumeria trees, cypress trees and a peaceful atmosphere.

Many youngsters visit the pagoda on spring days

Despite the greater number of tourists on the first days of the New Year, Huyền Không Sơn Thượng pagoda still keeps its peaceful, quiet atmosphere. With people from afar, they choose Huyền Không Sơn Thượng as a place of praying, contemplating the scenery and saving beautiful moments with families and friends, while buddhists come here to converse with the monks. 

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thao (Hue City) said that although her family are not devout buddhists, her family go on a spring excursion to Huyền Không Sơn Thượng every year. This is the charming, quiet, tranquil place which is very suitable for the elderly.

Buddhist priest Tanh Thuan (Huyền Không Sơn Thượng pagoda) said that the pagoda attracts many tourists, especially on spring days for its open style which is in harmony with the nature.

These are the pictures taken at Huyền Không Sơn Thượng pagoda by Thua Thien Hue online: 

Tourists of all ages visit the pagoda

Praying on a spring day

Saving the memorable moment with the family

Colorful Ao Dai

A group of youngsters enjoy the spring atmosphere together


Gathering Loc (symbol of wealth) on spring days

By Minh Nguyen