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26/04/2018 - 17:52

Stable hotel prices in Hue Festival

To April 17, the hotels in the provincial area have been fully booked, and they are all committed not to increase their prices during Hue Festival 2018. That is the information recorded by the intersector inspection delegation in a recent inspection.

Three-star to five-star hotels announce that they have been fully booked during Hue Festival 2018

The number of tourists is expected to increase by 20-30%

On the morning of April 17, the intersector inspection delegation including Tourism Department and Economic security Office (PA81) – the provincial Police checked accommodation facilities in the Hue city area ahead of Hue Festival 2018.

Finishing the inspection, Mr. Le Huu Minh, Acting Director of Tourism Department evaluated that the service quality of 3-5 star hotels is guaranteed. With regard to food safety, all of the facilities have storage cabinets for food during the day. Food prices are publicly posted at the reception.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Ha, Reception Manager of Eldora Hotel said that, up to now, the hotel has been fully booked in Hue Festival 2018. The tasks to guarantee hygiene, security and manpower have been done very early to best prepare for the reception of  large numbers of guests.

As regards manpower, the hotel planned to ensure 100% of staff during the festival week. As for online booking guests, the booking division has temporarily closed its online booking service and received no more bookings online.

According to Mr.Duong Tam Bao, Head of the Sale Division of Cherish Hotel, the hotel has been fully booked. The majority of guests are international tourists, accounting for 70%. Most of them are English-speakers (Australian, American and British; of whom 30% are Australians ).

Like every year, during Hue Festival, the hotel caters for a lot of guests of the Hue Festival organization board. On peak days, the number of Hue Festival’s guests staying at the hotel particularly accounts for 55%.

 “We have a lot of incentives for the organization board’s guests.  Apart from incentives in room prices, we also improve the quality as well as the quantity of catering service. With those policies, the hotel hopes to make a good impression on tourists when they participate in Hue Festival this year,” Mr. Duong Tam Bao said.

According to the Accommodation Management Office of Tourism Department, in addition to luxurious hotels, hotels with two stars or less also have occupancy of over 80%. In compassion with 2017, the number of tourists to Hue in the coming Hue Festival is expected to increase by 20% - 30%.

Hotels are committed to improving their quality to make a good impression on tourists when they come to Hue Festival 2018

Commitment not to increase prices

All of the 3-star to 5-star accommodation facilities examined by the intersector inspection delegation on the morning of April 17 are committed to maintaining the list prices and posting them clearly in public.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Ha said that the hotel’s policy over the past 4 years is not raising the prices on holidays and special occasions. This year, the policy is consistent to show the prestige and professionalism of the hotel.

The representative of Duy Tan Hotel also said that the hotel will conform to the prices publicly posted. Furthermore, the hotel also focuses more on entertainment services, especially catering service to meet the need of guests in the coming Hue festival.

Mr. Le Huu Minh affirmed: “We request all of the hotels not to raise prices during the Festival. At the same time, caution and attention must be paid to fire protection, hygiene guarantee, food safety, etc. With fully-booked hotels, stop receiving online bookings. To manage prices, and security and safety, in the time before, during and after the festival, the department will unexpectedly inspect accommodation facilities. Moreover, there will be hotlines set up, inspectors and department leaders on duty, and the tourist support center will promptly answer tourists’ questions.”

Because of their full occupancy, luxurious hotels cannot take more guests; therefore, there will be no problems of price increase in these hotels. However, many people are concerned about how to manage accommodation prices at low-cost hotels and guesthouses which still have vacancies.

According to Mr. Nguyen Thai Hoa, Chief Inspector from Tourism Department, to have the best management, it is necessary to coordinate with local police forces. If there is any infringement, tourism inspectors will tackle it strictly to avoid bad effects on the image of Hue tourism. It is also important to set up a 24-hour manned hotline to receive tourists’ comments.

Mr. Le Huu Minh believed that the tourism industry in particular and the organization board of Hue Festival 2018 in general are trying their best to send tourists the message that Hue is a safe and hospitable land.

Story and photos: Duc Quang