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16/05/2019 - 16:22

Statue "Greetingman" to be placed at Park 3/2

On May 15, the leader of the Hue city People's Committee said that the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee agreed to place the 6 meter-high statue “Greetingman”, which is presented to Hue city by Mr. Cho Kwang Han - Mayor of Namyangju city (South Korea), at Park 3/2 on Le Loi street, at the position opposite the University of Education, Hue University.

                Park 3/2 is a site with many statues born from sculptural camps

Through many meetings of the provincial and Hue city leaders, the statue will be located in Park 3/2. However, the specific position of the statue is being studied to suit the landscape, environment, architecture and aesthetic space along the southern bank of the Huong River. This is a work that needs careful consideration.

Previously, when offering to present the statue, the Korean side suggested placing it at one of these three locations: Dong Ba Market, Hue Citadel or the park on the north bank of the Huong River opposite Hue Cultural Center. However, some Hue culture researchers  believe that this statue located in the above locations is not suitable to Hue architectural space. Currently, the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Hue city People's Committee are studying the position to place the statue in Park 3/2.  The official position will be announced in the next few days.

The statue "Greetingman" is a gift that Mr. Cho Kwang Han, the new mayor of Namyangju city (South Korea) presents to Hue city. The 6 meter-high statue, which is made of aluminum and machan stone, brings the message of "respect and understanding".

By Thanh Huong