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23/05/2020 - 15:00

Steam train will operate on the route Hue - Da Nang

The steam train designed with the French style locomotive and carriages will operate daily on the route from Lang Co Station (Hue) to Da Nang Station. The total investment capital of this project is VND 81 billion.

The first steam locomotives have been restored since 2015 at Di An Train Plant. However, now, they are just ready to be put into operation. Photo: Xeluadian

The Ministry of Transport has just approved the investment project, allowing the steam-locomotive train operating on the Hue-Da Nang railway route. This is the proposal submitted by the Railway Bureau since 2018.

The project of tourist steam-locomotive train is invested by Dong Duong Railway Services Co., Ltd. with the total investment capital of VND 81 billion.

Previously, the investor bought 3 old MIKADO (Tu Luc) steam locomotives with the axial loads of 10.5 tons, stopping operating from 1990 for restoration. The Registry Department issued the certificate of inspection. The investment cost for vehicles and equipment was over VND 46 billion.


The interiors of the steam trains which are about to put into operation. Photo: Dong Duong

The pair of steam-locomotive trains will mainly serve tourists, and it runs every day on the Lang Co (Hue) – Da Nang Station route. The train includes the VIP carriages, the carriages for sightseeing and restaurants, kitchen. These carriages are all newly built at Di An Train Plant.

The train will go through Hai Van Pass, the most beautiful winding path of the North-South railway route with one side is cliffs and the other overlooks the sea.

According to the representative of the investor, the steam trains are expected to operate since 2021.