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15/10/2021 - 13:48

Storytelling through Photography: The nature of lagoon in Hue

Apart from the ancient and majestic beauty of the imperial city, mausoleums, palaces, garden houses, etc., Hue is also shimmering and fanciful with peaceful scenes of Tam Giang lagoon or Mangrove Forests with leaves changing color in the autumn through the lens of photographers.

The artwork "Fishing in the Mangrove Forest" taken in Ru Cha (Huong Phong Commune, Hue City) by Mr. Pham Huy Trung (living in Ho Chi Minh City) was awarded the first prize in the People category of the International Drone Photo Awards 2021

Many professional and amateur photographers, not only in Hue but also from many parts of the country and abroad, have come to Hue for creating their works and experiencing this place through their own photographic language. And Hue provides these artists an opportunity to become famous with great prizes.

Most recently, the artwork taken in Hue called "Fishing in the mangroves" has been rewarded at the International Drone Photo Awards 2021. The photo was taken by the photographer Pham Huy Trung, coming from Ho Chi Minh City, with the background in Ru Cha Mangrove Forest (Huong Phong Commune, Hue City), which makes many viewers praise the beauty of nature and the wonder when the seasons change with admiration. The photo was judged to be very deserving of honor with the First prize in the People category.

Taken at a certain height, the photo makes viewers immerse themselves in a different world from space to time. The dry branches as a result of the changing of the seasons seem to be “mingled” to create a peaceful scene.

Right in the middle of the frame, the appearance of fishermen rowing a boat to make a living seems to harmonize and create a highlight, accentuating the seemingly cold but extremely peaceful beauty. Everything has been reduced to a single point of view and shot in just a moment.

Not only Ru Cha, the photographer from Ho Chi Minh City said that before the pandemic happened, he often went to Hue to relax and find inspiration to create and shoot at the same time. According to Trung, Hue is a "paradise" for composition, for this land provides him with many themes to explore, from heritage and craft villages to nature and landscapes.

“But Ru Cha is the first choice. Ru Cha is really beautiful in autumn and winter,” commented the 35-year-old photographer.

Trung said that in addition to Ru Cha, he also went to many lagoons along the Tam Giang - Cau Hai system to exploit these places from many angles, mostly from above. These include the lagoons of Chuon (Phu Vang District), Quang Loi (Quang Dien District), Lap An (Phu Loc District), etc.

“Hue always has its own beauty for each season of the year. Photographers are not only engrossed in pursuing the brilliant sunrises or sunsets of the summer on the lagoons, but are also very interested in the persistent rains here in winter, etc.,” commented Trung. In addition, Hue will be on the top choice list in his future creative journey.

In addition, Trung also wants to bring photos of Hue in particular and the beauty of Vietnam in general to viewers around the world and hopes that his name will be honored again in a contest in the future.

A corner of the lagoon through the perspective of the photographer Van Dinh Huy

The photographer Van Dinh Huy (Hue City), who is not a stranger to photographers in Hue, has also spent a lot of time pursuing topics of nature, landscape, and life in recent years. In many of his recent works, he focuses on the scenery of the Tam Giang lagoon as well as what is associated with the land, people, life, etc.

According to Mr. Van Dinh Huy, he was attracted by the special natural scenery of Tam Giang - Cau Hai lagoon. There, nature changes day by day, and every moment is different. Therefore, for a person holding a camera like him, it is both a challenge and also a stimulus in the process of pursuing passion and creativity. He did not hesitate to find impressive angles so as to convey that beauty with all his passion for photography.

Many of Huy's artistic photography works have been posted on many different channels. He said that these artworks help introduce and promote the beauty of Hue, as well as promote tourism products and, above all, introduce the beauty of Hue people.

With the same passion, other photographers in Hue like Trung Phan, Tran Dinh Duc Hieu, etc., also spend a lot of time and enthusiasm pursuing their passion for capturing the nature and lagoons in their own way. There, the peaceful and poetic view is also a folklore story for these young cameramen

Born and raised next to the lagoon in Phu Vang District, this theme is "treasured" by the photographer Trung Phan little by little to tell the story of his own place through each of his photographic works. The lagoon in him is a peaceful and simple place, bringing livelihoods to many people, including his family.

Here, there is the genuineness of the people's life which is stunning by the intersection of day and night, the peaceful dawn and the brilliant sunset. And in the photography industry, Trung Phan said: “the lagoon entered my heart in a gentle but full of poetry manner".

The theme of lagoon is always closely and deeply ingrained in Mr. Trung Phan’s hand. It exists in images of shrimp and fish, people coming home from work with bright smiles, the innocent laughter of children, or simply the sizzling sounds of orca fish cakes.

“I like the freedom and comfort here, it has the silence of the majestic nature and the excitement of human life. The lagoon is an inspiration that always motivates me to carry out photography projects related to culture, people, and nature,” shared Trung Phan.

By Nhat Minh