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17/07/2020 - 15:51

Street workout attracts young people in Hue

Using the very body as a "tool" to practice, the street workout (roughly translated as street sport) is appealing to young people in dreamlike Hue.

From a sport to becoming a performance art

Will power

In the 21st century, street workout appeared in the American and European countries. In New York City (USA), the street sport enjoyed a boom in the areas with low living standard.

Nguyen Van Toi, leader of the street workout group in Hue, said, “The surroundings, including floors, ledges and beams are made the most of for practice. The street sport is characterized by the use of the body's weight to exercise, turning the body into a "tool" for the purpose of maintaining physique and health. "Therefore, when the income is not enough to pursue the sports that need the support equipment, the street workout is the perfect choice to exercise health and muscle

In 2018, Nguyen Van Toi chanced to see the videos of street workout on the Internet. The strength of muscle, the beauty of muscle and the will of practitioner motivated the student of Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy to learn about and make efforts to pursue this sport.

“Sold on it, I asked my friends to join us in the street workout to get more motivated. We practiced from the basic movements to the performance in order to devote the energy of body to each movement,” Nguyen Van Toi said.

Feasting your eyes on the image of "flying superman" in a park in Hue

It is possible to divide the movements of this sport into the static and dynamic forms. In particular, pull-ups, push-ups ... are the dynamic movements. The other exercises such as human-flag (keeping the body parallel to the ground), back lever (balancing on the rear bar), front lever (balancing on the front bar) ... are the static movements.

Each movement mobilizes many muscle groups, and expresses the will and efforts of the practitioner. Therefore, the journey to conquer this sport must start from scratch; it is impossible to shift to difficult movements soon (except that the people who practice street workout engaged in many physical activities before like gym, kick - boxing).

The beauty of street sport is that despite the basic movements, the practitioner depending on the physique and creativity can create new movements or variations to make the movements more beautiful and attractive.

Nguyen Van Toi said, “We call those the skills whose difficulty level and aesthetics will be different for each person. In addition to physical and mental health, the difference and no constraints of street workout also create attraction that not every sport has.”

"Immersion" together with teammates

Every weekend, the young people of DHYSW Group - Hue Street Workout have the opportunity to gather at the park on the bank of the Perfume River. With cheerfulness and optimism, each member wears light, neat and breathable costumes.

When the music is on, along with the carefully-selected EDM tune (electronic music), the solid hands, proud faces are immersed in the eye-catching, physical movements.

Nguyen Dinh Nhat Quang, a student from Thuy Phuong (Huong Thuy Town) holds on to the grip, using the strength of the muscles from his hands to lift the whole body with straight legs. In the same movement, Nguyen Van Toi bends forward, using the strength of his hands to hold his body almost parallel to the ground.

After completing the movement, the two boys exhale excitedly. Each boy has a different level.However, when they practice together, every distance is effaced; each movement has a different beauty.

Before the surprised eyes of those playing in the park, the boys who love street workout continue their new movements. Quick at stance, the three boys of the group create the image of a lively superman supported by the efforts and solidarity of the members. At that moment, the green space of the park seems to have an additional work of art, both vivid and emotional.

With many advantages such as completely free practice, practice anywhere, good physique and health, street workout is also a great choice to relieve stress, fatigue due to the pressure of study and life. After more than a year of foundation, from the initial 6 members, the number of street workout enthusiasts increased to 36, especially with the participation of 6 female members.

Not only do the young people practice together on weekends, but they also deliver a performance in phố Tây (backpacker area) and pedestrian path along the Perfume River

Tran Le Dai Phuoc, a member of the group shared, “It is not just a matter of practicing a sport, and we also wish to show the physical beauty and spread the spirit and will of the street workout to the community.” Therefore, the group members organized many exchanges in the nearby provinces in order to improve the quality of training, learn from one another to advance in this attractive sport.

Story and photos: MAI HUE