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22/04/2019 - 19:42

Students enthusiastically participate in the Reading Culture Festival

Reading Culture Festival is an activity held by the Provincial General Library in collaboration with the Young Pioneer Association Council in order to respond to the 6th Vietnam Book day.

Artistical books folding contest

Joining the festival, the students of secondary and high schools in the area of Hue city gave presentations on good books. In addition to the messages and the precious lessons in life contained in each book, the youngsters also emphasized the important role of reading in knowledge acquisition. Thereby, contributing to spreading the habit and passion of reading to peers.

Besides, the students also expressed their creativity and ingenuity in the contest of folding books artistically and enthusiastically participated in the quizzes to win the prizes with the questions about science, daily life and history, etc.

The festival not only creates a healthy playground for students, but also is a chance to encourage and form the habit and skill of reading, as well as to develop a reading culture in school age in the era of information technology.

Story, photo: Minh Hien