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09/07/2022 - 14:46

Students of INSA Center Val de Loire Engineering program awarded certificates

On the afternoon of July 7, the University of Education, Hue University held a closing ceremony and awarded certificates of completion - phase 1 to the 12th course students of the joint training program with Val de Loire Center for Engineering, French National Institute of Applied Sciences - INSA Center Val de Loire.

Ceremony to award certificate to students

In 2020, 20 candidates were admitted to the engineer training program of INSA Center Val de Loire – France. They were students from many high schools in the central region, such as: Le Quy Don High School for the Gifted in Binh Dinh; Quoc Hoc High School for the Gifted in Hue; Hung Vuong High School in Quang Binh... Among them, 7 students achieved prizes in the national excellent students competitions, and many other won the provincial excellent students awards.

After 2 years of study, most of the 12th course students have achieved excellent results. 17 students completed a 2-year general program at the University of Education and were accepted by French partners, INSA Center Val de Loire and INSA Toulouse, to continue their 3rd year. Among them, 5 students will study Applied Mathematics and Engineering Physics at INSA Toulouse and 13 students will study Electronics, Mechanics, Mechatronics, Informatics and Systems Engineering, etc...

After two years of active studying at the school and studying French at the French Institute in Hue, all 12th course students have reached the B1 level of French required by the program, some among them have achieved DELF B2 level.

Up to now, the entire program has enrolled and trained 13 year-courses, with a total of more than 160 students. In the first 7 courses, there were more than 60 engineering graduates, of which 8 have successfully defended their doctoral dissertations, and vast majority of the rest are continuing to work or study in France. This is a high-quality human resource who is able to work in an international and multicultural environment, and has many conditions to contribute to the country in the future.

By Huu Phuc