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15/09/2020 - 21:23

Successful autologous stem cell transplant for the 4th pediactric patient

Doctors of Hue Central Hospital have successfully performed autologous stem cell transplant for the 4th child patient.

The doctor giving Tu Q. advices before discharge

With this disease, patients must be treated with high doses of chemicals along with autologous stem cells transplant to survive.

After 15 days of transplantation, the blood cells were revived, the patient's health returned to normal, Tu Q. was officially discharged from the hospital and continued to take the medicine as prescribed by the doctor. After that, a plan will be made for radiation therapy for the residual tumor, with the use of immunotherapy, retinoic acid for 6 months.

Previously, on January 8, 2020, after receiving chemotherapy according to the regimen for patient at high-risk at Children's Hospital 2, Tu Q. was transferred to Hue Central Hospital for radiation therapy and bone marrow transplant.

Here, this pediatric patient underwent 3 more rounds of chemical treatment, then stem cells harvest and the removal of 90% of the tumor, preserving both kidneys. After that, high dose chemicals and stem cell transplant were performed amid COVID-19 pandemic.

The success of this fourth marrow transplant is not only a joy for the patient, the family and the team of doctors, but once again establishes the position of Hue Central Hospital in the domestic medicine system.

Story and photo: Nguyen Khoa Huy