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15/03/2020 - 16:49

Successful removal of a 9 kg tumor from patient’s abdominal cavity

This is the surgery that has been successfully performed by doctors at the department of Pediatric – Abdominal Emergency Surgery, Hue Central Hospital for patient Nguyen Thi K. (68 years old, Quang Tri province).

5 years ago, the patient had her tumor removed; however, the tumor is recurrent. With a tumor weighed 9kg, patient K. suffered from cachexia, heavy vomiting, anemia and had trouble breathing.

Since preoperative diagnosis, the doctor determined that it was a giant recurrent abdominal tumor, a biopsy showed benign fat tumor. In order to remove the tumor completely, experts had to consider difficulties because of the huge size of this recurrent tumor, of fibrosis of abdominal muscle from the previous surgery compressing most relevant organs, and the risk of heavy bleeding during surgery. After more than 5 hours of meticulous surgery, surgical crews have preserved blood vessels, small intestine, colon ..., and safely removed a 9kg-tumor out of the patient’s abdomen.

Story: Thu Thuy

Photo: Dai Duong