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27/07/2021 - 09:10

SUP rowing on Tam Giang Lagoon

In the very early morning, the ripples of Tam Giang Lagoon seem like the cute smiles of half-asleep babies. There, the SUPs are starting to leave the dock, paddling softly, so as not to disturb the gentle morning breeze that just awakes from the leaves of the mangroves …

Having fun with teammates

“It’s weekend tomorrow, we should go to Tam Giang Lagoon (in Quang Dien) for SUP rowing. We can take the 5 a.m. session to fully enjoy the place. It’s going to be fun!” The invitation from the young acquaintances intrigued me.

As planned, we met on the other side of Bach Yen Bridge at 4.30 a.m. From there, our 7-member squad started our trip to Quang Loi (Quang Dien district) on bikes, stopping at the SUP rental area at Con Toc expanse.

Guests would control the SUP by themselves and are free to roam around to watch the sunrise on the lagoon. Each SUP can hold two or maybe three people, and even though the deepest water level in this area is only at chest height, each person is equipped with their own paddle and a life jacket as safety measures. 

Following the several SUPs already roaming the lagoon, we began to leave the dock, paddling softly so as not to disturb the gentle morning breeze that just awakes from the leaves of the mangroves.

In that very early morning, riding on the giggling ripples that seem like the cute smiles of half-asleep babies, one would feel free of worries to receive and make the most of the feeling of relief, pleasure and peace.

Getting close to the mangroves

As the sun began to shine on the lagoon, a motor boat passed by, leaving behind waves bouncing up and down, mischievously swaying the SUPs. The amateur paddle boarders quickly grabbed the sides of their SUPs, trying to keep their balance. Their hearty laughter burst out and then fell into the waves.

Paddling close to the mangroves, getting near the fisherman's traps or stopping sometimes and look up at the beautiful sky, and spreading one’s arms with a wish to catch the fluffy white clouds. Even selfiepictures somehow get a lighter, more shimmering color. These were great funs that one has whenpaddling through the vast water of Tam Giang on a SUP.

According to the service providers, the entertainment spot was opened less than two months ago. SUProwing is not a strange concept, the activity was already present on the Huong River (Hue City). However, SUP rowing on Tam Giang lagoon has its own attractiveness in the grandiosity of the lagoon, of nature and even the distance just far enough to create the excitement of going on a picnic.

Not only the younger generation and families of Hue, but people from communes of Phu Vang district, Huong Tra town as well come to Quang Dien to experience SUP rowing and to watch sunrise or sunset on Tam Giang lagoon. They often come in groups to experience together, and take pictures to preserve their memorable moments.

At only 60,000 VND per hour for a two-person SUP, guests can freely wander on the lagoon, taking hundreds of photos, and also watch the sun rises if they start their session at 5, 6 or 7 o’clock.

16:30 is the ideal time for visitors to start their afternoon sessions. They wait and watch rays of sunshine fading as the sunset befall. This then awakens the feelings of romance and closeness to nature from its long slumber within one’s soul...

Right from the moment the motorbikes slowly going on its way to Quang Dien, visitors can already enjoy a “promotion” full of the sweet smell of pennyworths emanating from the pennyworth fields along the road.

Story and photos: QUYNH ANH