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30/10/2022 - 07:08

Supporting business training: A step for Hue enterprises to be confident in doing business

When enterprises have to innovate to "survive" in a volatile business environment, accompanying activities to support enterprises also make adjustments to suit their needs and development trends more and more, which helps businesses have more confidence in their business journey.

Training activities help businesses confidently bring products to market

Starting with a mindset shift

It is a fact that enterprises, especially start-up ones, have an uneven quality of businessmen. Besides, their ability to integrate and compete internationally is still weak, especially in terms of knowledge and legal understanding. Their professionalism is still modest, lack of close connection, business experience, business management ability, etc.

That is also the reason why start-up businesses often have to bear high risks. Statistics show that up to 80% of startup projects failed, meanwhile 25% of new businesses do not exist for more than 1 year. This ratio reduced to 10% of enterprises that exist for more than 5 years and only 6% in the 10th year, partly proving the barriers to entering the market of enterprises.

Mr. Le Van Cuong, Deputy Director of the Department of Planning and Investment once shared that, some businesses entered the market with great determination, and they neither lack money nor financial mobilization channels. The things they lack are the knowledge to create the foundation for management, and the capacity to develop enterprises larger in the increasingly changing business environment.

That is the reason why business support activities are no longer distinctive within the scope of support for trade promotion, and building a brand name in terms of product development support. On the other hand, recent support activities are starting from within the company itself,  which means the thinking of the leaders.

Because only when the business owner has enough ability as well as a sharp mind or can brisk up the creativity “fire”, the business will develop sustainably. Hence, it is possible to form a business community capable of overcoming difficulties, standing firmly in the market, and creating professionalism for all production, business, and brand-building activities.

Sticking to business needs

With the desire to build a team of professional entrepreneurs, in 2022, the Department of Planning and Investment has coordinated to organize training for nearly 800 entrepreneurs with training courses for actual chief executive officers (CEOs) to manage and operate businesses effectively and do business on the e-commerce trading floor.

The training courses are not only encapsulated in business administration activities but also training intensely in each topic and training courses in the form of guiding carefully.

Ms. Le Thi Hong Mai, Head of the Business Registration Department, Department of Planning and Investment shared that, currently, the departments and agencies had implemented programs to support businesses from converting business households to enterprises, training programs to support enterprises, policies to encourage business activities, markets, trade promotion, etc.

In particular, the training to support enterprises is particularly taken into consideration. Before being conducted training classes, surveys were carried out to know the needs of businesses, regarding what businesses lack so that suitable training directions would be conducted to meet the needs.

What creates a mark in these programs is not only training what the authorities and departments think businesses lack, but also starting to make adjustments in the direction businesses need.

The proof is that the training courses, whether long-term or short-term, always attract many businesses to participate. The symposiums are during office hours, but until 7:00 pm, both speakers and businesses are still engrossed in discussions and strategic planning advice, somewhat showing the attraction of business support programs.

Ms. Pham Thi Dieu Huyen, the owner of Moc Truly Enterprise, said that in the journey of starting a business, she had to attend a lot of training programs. Recently, she just attended a sales training course on TikTok in Ho Chi Minh City with a tuition fee of nearly 9 million VND.

Meanwhile, in the local area, free practical training courses on sales strategies on the e-commerce floor are being supported by the Department of Planning and Investment with the participation of training from leading experts. Moreover, CEO training courses from basic to practical, group-based practice have helped business owners have clear direction to step by step build the company methodically, locate the market, and orientate the business development.

According to Mr. Phan Thien Dinh, Secretary of the Hue City Party Committee, building a stronger business community in Hue is an important orientation in local socio-economic development. However, to achieve this goal, in addition to promoting the attraction of domestic and foreign enterprises to invest in the area, it is also an important solution to develop a strong local business community.

Therefore, the province has recently had many activities to support enterprises and large-scale business households to convert to enterprises. Along with that, the activities to support the quality of the business community, especially activities to improve the operational capacity of enterprises are more concerned.

Through training and support programs for businesses, the Secretary of Hue City Party Committee hopes to connect the business community and businesses, helping businesses to spread products of Hue in general and of Hue enterprises in particular.

Story and photo: Hoang Anh