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25/10/2018 - 08:01

Supporting enterprises on each investment project

To attract more investors to Hue, the Provincial Department of Planning and Investment has been implementing several measures to support enterprises. Deputy director of the Provincial Department of Planning and Investment, Mr. Le Dinh Khanh has had a talk about this issue.

Mr. Le Dinh Khanh. Photo: Huu Phuc

Can you talk more about the measures and plans that the Provincial Department of Planning and Investment is undertaking to attract enterprises to invest in Hue?

The task of supporting enterprises is a throughout and long-term goal of the province. It is not until now that we have specific plans to support enterprises coming to Hue to explore investment opportunities, as well as the provincial enterprises to deploy the projects. Recently, the task of supporting enterprises has been given more attention by specific plans and measures. Apart from the general support according to the State's regulations, the sector has developed separate support plans for each project, each specific stage, in the spirit of solving the problems as quickly as possible, so that the enterprises can deploy the projects.

Does that bring about positive results?

Thanks to our connection, and flexibility, many projects have implemented within the commitment period and even sooner. These projects include the commercial center and hotel complex of Vingroup on Hung Vuong Street, solar energy project, and the projects in the fields of tourism, services, high technology industry, etc.

After the Hung Vuong commercial center and 5-star hotel complex, Vingroup is continuing to research and invest in some other projects. Photo: Tam Hue

It is said that these supports are mainly reserved for big enterprises; micro and small ones are almost dropped out. How do you think about this?

We always build common plans to support enterprises regardless of their sizes. As for the support on ground clearance, we have great attention to secondary investors. However, we also have other support when enterprises have requirements, especially big and strategic enterprises via support teams. In the Provincial Department of Planning and Investment’s office, there are always staffs, who are qualified and have good communication in English and in some other languages. They ​​are always available to support enterprises when needed.

Nevertheless, the general picture of calling for investment, especially the FDI sector, has not really bright, as there have been no new investors recently?

Last year, we celebrated 30 years since the very first international investors invested in Hue. It is clear that international investment sector has not really attracted many enterprises, with 93 projects, and total registered capital is about of more than USD 2.4 billion by the end of 2017. However, this is the sector that generates significant budget revenue for the province, as the HUDA - Hue Brewery Ltd. contributes to over one third of total revenue in the area.

Though the textile sector has not contributed much to the revenue, it has contributed to the increase of the export turnover of the province to over USD 500 million per year, and created jobs, ensured social security. Two garment factories of Scavi and HBI alone have settled more than 15,000 local workers.

How about new projects, sir?

In the field of FDI sector this year, there is a fairly big project being implemented in the field of in-depth making products from sand, such as television screens, and telephone battery, etc., to supply to domestic factories and export. This is the high-tech industry, with the total registered capital of over Euro 20 million in the first phase, promising to change the budget revenue in the next few years.

Experiencing new service at Laguna Lang Co luxury resort. Photo: T. Ninh

Along with this project, and after Bayan Tree investor has been approved to increase the total investment capital of the Laguna luxury resort to USD 2 billion, with the investment in the fields of casino and hotel chains, restaurants and luxury villas, the total investment capital of the province in the FDI sector has been increased to more than USD 3.6 billion.

The projects in other fields such as solar power, high technology agriculture, etc., have been deployed, which are good signals for the budget revenue in the next few years.

In the long run, how will the task of attracting strategic investors be deployed that the enterprises not only have one project but also many others, and "pull" more enterprises to Hue?

The task of calling for investment, especially big and strategic investors, is always our focus. In the recent time, we have held quite many conferences to invite enterprises to invest in Hue. The provincial leaders have also been to many countries to promote the investment. Accordingly, we have invited many big investors such as Samsung (South Korea), Mitsubishi (Japan), LG (South Korea), and Amata (Thailand), etc. All of these enterprises have come to Hue for their survey. Hopefully, they will come to invest in Hue very soon.

How about big domestic enterprises...?

We have also invited a lot of big enterprises in the country such as Vingroup, and FLC, etc. Currently, a number of corporations have deployed their projects and also researched to invest in the next projects. However, calling for investment and implementation of projects take a whole process, so the results of calling for investment cannot be rushed in a short time.

In your opinion, besides the government and relevant departments, are there any other policy mechanisms that the province has carried out to encourage investment in Hue?

Recently, the province has issued the flexible mechanisms to support individuals and organizations that can invite enterprises to invest in Hue, so as to encourage the task of calling for investment. This approach has brought to Hue some new investors. Although the number of new investors is not so many, it partly reflects the attention and expectation of the province in the task of calling for investment to contribute to the socio-economic development, improve the living standards and income of the people.

Thank you, Sir!

By Tam Hue