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30/10/2017 - 15:42

Supporting rural industries

With the fund from the local industrial promotion program, ThuaThien Hue Department of Industry and Trade has supported 6 rural industrial establishments with the amount of nearly VND 350 million to invest in machinery and vocational training in order to improve the product quality and create new products.

Many establishments have developed their production and expanded the consumption market thanks to the industrial promotion fund.

Kites are one of the traditional handicrafts of Hue,which is at the age of over 300 years and attracts many artisans and craftsmen.

These handcrafted products with typical brands are widely consumed in many domestic and foreign provinces, cities. However, it is not simple to create a kite; as making a kite needs a combination of many factors such as experience, knowledge and passion.

To contribute to the restoration and expanding of traditional crafts, in August 2017, the Department of Industry and Trade approved the project to support the establishment of artisan Nguyen Dang Hoang at Phu Hau ward, Hue city to train the traditional kite craft for 15 trainees.

Artisan Nguyen Dang Hoang shared: “Hue kites are not only consumed domestically, but also present in some other countries like the USA, France, Germany and Thailand, with a lot of shapes such as phoenixes, peacocks, butterflies, dragons, etc. Currently, the establishment has produced over 300 products per month, creating regular jobs for 5 labors. With VND 30 million from the fund of industrial promotion program, the establishment invests VND 30 million more to organize a training course for the successors and create new models to meet the market demand.”

With over 6 years in trading and processing aquatic products at Quang Cong commune (QuangDien); in September 2017, the business household Pham Thi Hue started investing in machinery to assist the production after the approval of the project with the total supporting amount of VND 26 million.

According to Ms. Pham Thi Hue, her establishment has currently produced 500 liters of fish sauce per year, 5 tons of shrimp paste (ruốc) and various kinds of paste which are supplied to the Central provinces. Previously, the establishment only produced by manual methods due to the shortage of capital and didn’t have enough products to supply the market. With the supports of the industrial promotion program, the establishment has invested VND 40 million more in the equipment of a squeezer machine with the capacity of 2 quintals of shrimp paste per hour, increasing the productivity by 5 times.

Besides these two establishments, in August 2017, the Department of Industry and Trade issued the decision to support 4 rural industrial establishments to invest in modern machinery, replacing the backward and outdated machines. Accordingly, household business Cao Thang (Huong Tra town) was supported with VND 75 million to apply the rice mill line; production establishment Le Lai and household business Thai Thi Le (Quang Dien) were supported with VND 116 million for the equipment of vermicelli production machine and rice mill machine; Thuan Mau Co., Ltd (Phu Loc) was invested to apply advanced machinery to improve its ship building capacity with the total supporting amount of VND 90 million.

Deputy Director of the Industrial Promotion and Development Consultancy Center, Department of Industry and Trade, Ms. Nguyen Thi My Hang said that the industrial promotion fund was the capital assisting the establishments to invest in modern machinery replacing outdated one and create new products. With the support of VND 337 million from the industrial promotion fund, 6 establishments invested VND 770 million more in machinery equipment and vocational training, contributing to the restoration of traditional crafts and raising the industrial production value for the province.

In 2017, the total operating expenses of industrial promotion is over VND 3 billion, in which the national industrial promotion is VND1.3 billion and the local industrial promotion is approximately VND 1.7 billion. By this fund, the Industrial Promotion and Development Consultancy Center carries out the following activities: organizing the regional industrial promotion conference, holding the exhibition fair of typical rural industrial products in the Central-Highlands area, supporting establishments to invest in equipment, and coordinating with the E-Commerce Development Centre, Ministry of Industry and Trade to support rural industrial establishments to build and upgrade e-commerce websites.

Story and photo: Thanh Hương