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28/02/2019 - 07:43

Surfing Sup on the Perfume River 

Although being a new kind of sport and entertainment in Hue, Sup (Standup Paddle Board) attracts many players and athletes.

Sup is a modern water skiing, which can be played on many kinds of water surface such as lakes, bays, rivers, falls and even on coasts with turbulent winds. Sup includes many kinds which are divided according to the materials used to form surfboards such as inflatable surfboard, plastic surfboard, Eps, etc., or the design of the surfboard. However, the most popular kind of Sup is inflatable Sup. A full set of sup with surfboard, inflator and accessories costs around 10 to 40 million VND.

In order to play this sport, the first request is that the players have to know how to swim. However, the skills are quite simple to get the well-trained movements after some training sessions, so it attracts many youngsters in both genders.

After the success of the first Vietnam’s Sup race in 2018 on the Perfume River, the athletes are practicing and taking practice races to prepare for the 2019 season which is expected to take place in September of this year.

Thua Thien Hue Weekly would like to introduce the practicing processes to prepare for the new racing season of Sup athletes through the photo series of Tra Mi.

Competing on each centimeter 

Being excited before starting the race

Tourists pleasurably follow athletes practicing surfing Sup

Pumping the surfboards

Specialized safety valve

Tying the safety belt on the leg

Assembling the oar