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21/03/2020 - 10:33

Suspending tours for community & visitor safety

After tourist attractions, such as monuments, museums and places of interest have temporarily been closed to prevent COVID-19, businesses have proposed that a number of destinations should be selected to ensure criteria for disease prevention for visitors to visit.

Tourists need to join hands with the province to overcome difficulties. Photo: AQ

Proposing Hue to open designated attractions 

The policy to temporarily suspend travel to Vietnam took effect from March 18.  Previously, travelers from some countries were also not allowed to enter Vietnam to prevent and control the COVID-19 spread. However, it is estimated that currently the number of remaining visitors in Hue is about 1,500.

The problem is that, currently the attractions in Hue are temporarily closed, and visitors in Hue have no place to visit. Temporary suspension of these attractions is essential because of the high risk from disease.

However, due to having no places to visit, many tourists are now traveling freely and making it more difficult for disease control and prevention. In addition, if not handled appropriately, it creates a feeling of "abandoning" tourists.

Mr. Dinh Manh Thang, Chairman of the Provincial Tourism Association said that it is important to take great care in how to manage what tourists do and where they go, without creating a bad impression of Hue for the tourists.  

“In addition to informing travelers about the closing of tourist attractions, some specific destinations which meet safety criteria and have less impact on the community should be selected to serve customers. This is something that Hue can deploy in this situation. These tours must be shifted to destinations far from the city, linked with nature, less populated, well controlled, and must comply with the most stringent regulations on disease prevention," Mr. Dinh Manh Thang proposed.

According to Ms. Duong Thi Cong Ly, Director of Hanoi Tourism Joint Stock Company - Hue Branch, it is necessary to have a few destinations for tourists who have not come from infected regions. The company has 48 tourists currently staying in Hue.

The company took tourists to visit An Bang village (Phu Vang), take a cooking tour and grow vegetables in Kim Long Ward (Hue City); bring a few guests to Laguna Lang Co Resort and Vedana Lagoon (Phu Loc) to enjoy the beach; visit the ancient village of Phuoc Tich (Phong Dien), although this has been closed ...

According to the information from the Provincial Travel Association, if they receive the approval from the tourism industry's leader, the association will plan to carry out a number of tours. The tours will be run with the collaboration of services providers from operating, transporting, tour guiding to choosing destinations. All will be conducted to fully meet the requirement of disease prevention. Currently, Alba Thanh Tan (Phong Dien), Mo waterfall tourist area (Nam Dong) are ready to cooperate; Ru Cha (Huong Tra) and Vong Canh hill (Hue City) are also suitable places for sightseeing while still controlling the disease.

The tourism industry cooperating with agencies to manage travelers to Hue

Businesses and travelers need to be understanding

With this proposal, leaders of the Department of Tourism said that it is not difficult to select some attractions. However, due to the complicated situation of the disease, Vietnam has been receiving many COVID-19 cases who are tourists. We need to be vigilant and during this period, we need to focus on fighting the disease.

The tourism industry requires tour operators to inform tourists in advance so that visitors will not be surprised when coming to Hue because this is a force majeure case. When arriving in Hue, guests are recommended to stay at the accommodation units and limit going out. Accommodation units are encouraged to actively raise questions with guests and possibly organize some activities based at the hotel, such as cooking class for guests.

Also according to the leader of the tourism industry, when opening a number of destinations, independent travelers can also visit. Particularly with independent travelers, it is essential to have good control and limit contact with crowds. Therefore, businesses need to be understanding and share difficulties with the industry and the province.

According to Mr. Nguyen Van Phuc, for independent travelers, along with solutions implemented by the authorities, businesses, guides and drivers should raise awareness for visitors to wear masks when traveling and visiting. Currently, there are many independent tourists in Hue. The tourism industry has proposed Hue City and localities to use urban management teams to regularly remind guests to wear masks and avoid crowded places.

In the meeting to discuss solutions to serve customers during this period, the leaders of the provincial People's Committee shared that the image of Hue tourism is not only in places of interest and discovery, but also in the application of drastic and effective disease prevention solutions. We need to raise awareness about disease prevention for visitors to understand that in this context, Hue in particular and, Vietnam in general, is still ensuring safety for guests. In addition, more attentive service from hotels also creates a beautiful image in the eyes of visitors.

Story and photos: Duc Quang