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23/10/2022 - 19:16

Talking about circular economy

On October 22, the Provincial Institute for Development Studies coordinated with the French Institute in Hue to organize a Seminar on Circular Economy with the participation of Mrs. Emmanuelle Ledoux – Director of the French National Institute of Circular Economy (INEC).

Mrs. Emmanuelle Ledoux – Director of the French National Institute of Circular Economy (INEC) at the seminar

The seminar aimed to raise the awareness and understanding about the circular economy, its application models, contributing to the strategic purpose on reconstructing Thua Thien Hue’s economy towards service development, commerce, knowledge economy, green economy, circular economy, digital economy and the cultural and entertainment industries.

According to Mrs. Emmanuelle Ledoux, in the context of increasingly depleted natural resources, implicit political fluctuations leading to the energy crisis, global warming due to the greenhouse effect, the circular economy is a development model helping to turn the socio economics into the state of sustainable production and consumption.

Unlike the traditional economy, circular economy is a system that its operation process and business model have geared to the use of renewable energy and eliminating the use of chemicals and hazardous waste right in the step of material and product design. The circular economy contributes to raising the value for the businesses, reducing resource exploitation, reducing waste treatment costs, and minimizing environmental pollution.

The model of circular economy is based on creating the circulations of positive values for each time of use or reuse the materials or products before reaching the final step of disposal.

In the framework of the seminar, the representatives and Mrs. Emmanuelle Ledoux discussed about the theme of Circular Economy to reach a better understanding about the circular economy and find out the ways to put circular economy into practice.

The director of the French National Institute of Circular Economy also shared the experiences to develop circular economy model in France and some other nations, as well as sharing the model of circular economy towards sustainable production and consumption. Furthermore, she also shared and exchanged the circular economy and the systems of sustainable supply chain; the environmental impacts of circular economy products and the development; product label for the circular economy; opportunities and challenges for developing circular economy and the orientations for developing circular economy of Thua Thien Hue province.

By Lien Minh