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24/09/2017 - 09:58

Tam Giang clam congee

Besides the effect of health improvement, clamsarealso considereda kind of natural Viagra for gentlemen...

Clam congee tastes delicious when served hot

Tam Giang lagoon is considered to be one of the richest and most diversified brackishwater seafood treasures in Southeast Asia. Among them, it is worth mentioning a shellfish species: the clams. The clams of Tam Giang lagoon are bottom feeders in brackish water, where ecosystems are clean and unpolluted. The food for this shellfish is very rich.

Under the skillful hands, clams can be cooked into many dishes, which are simple but very attractive such as steamed clams with salt and pepper; fried clams with onions and tomatoes, served with black sesame rice papers; sour clam soup; clam hot pot... Among them, the most special dish is the clam congee.

It is also very simple to make a pot of delicious clam congee. First, the dead clams should be removed, and the remaining clams will be soaked in rice-washing water or cold water with chili powder for about 3 hours until the clams open their mouths and all dirt is removed. Then, they are washed, rinsed and medium-boiled. Next, the clam boiled water can be poured into a bowl and waited to sediment. Clam meat after removed from the shells will be seasoned with ground pepper, crushed purple onion and a little fish sauce (the kind of fish sauce taken from the fermented fish paste jars of Thuan An sea). Finally, the clam meat will be marinated for about 15 minutes and quickly stir-fried in an oil-heated pan.The clam meat will be tough if it is stir-fried for a long time.

The "Tam thom" rice is often used to cook the clam congee. Washed rice is cooked with clam boiled broth until it softens, then it is added with stir-fried clam meat and seasoned for taste. The congee will be served in a bowl and sprinkled with thinly-sliced scallions, corianders, onions and some slices of red chilli. You will feel the "smell" of the lagoon, the taste of sweet clam meat in the savour of pepper, chillies, the sunlight and the wind of Tam Giang.

According to the National Institute of Nutrition, clams are the food encouraged to be used because they are rich in vitamin B12, vitamin C, iron, potassium, calcium, protein, omega-3...., which bring good effects in medical treatments and health improvement, enhance the immune system, are good for people with high blood pressure and people with osteoarthritis, improve eye health and prevent anaemia... In addition, they are also considereda natural Viagra for gentlemen.

It is such an interesting experience to go to Tam Giang lagoon on sunny days, travel with immense waves and enjoy the delicious nutritious clam congee.

Story and photo: Ngoc Hoa