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12/02/2021 - 13:32

Tasty and strange Bo Chinh crystallized ginseng

If on Tet holiday, people are too familiar with traditional dishes such as melon seeds, Tet cakes, crystallized ginger, and crystallized coconut, etc., this year, crystallized ginseng is a new and attractive choice, and being favored by many customers in Hue.

Making Bo Chinh crystallized ginseng requires meticulous and skillful

From idea to product

Talking about the idea of crystallized ​​ginseng, Ms. Ho Nhat Phuong, 38 years old (living on Pham Van Dong street, Phu Thuong commune, Phu Vang district), said: “I had worked in the tourism sector before. However, in the past year, COVID-19 epidemic has raged, resulting in a halt of tourism service. After that, I switched to provide products from Quang Binh Bo Chinh ginseng, such as fresh ginseng, dried ginseng, and ginseng wine, etc. These products are often picky for customers; as the buyers have not really grasped theirs full use, as well as their high prices... "

Since then, Ms. Phuong has come up with the idea of ​​making crystallized ginseng, which is suitable for the occasion of Tet and to introduce the product of crystallized ginseng to the market to reach the customers. That is also the predestination that Ms. Phuong comes to the crystallized ginseng.

It only took her 15 days to turn the idea into product. When raising the idea, Ms. Phuong is enthusiastically supported by her relatives and friends. That is also the motivation for her to continue to make crystallized ginseng product.

“When making the first batch of crystallized ginseng, I faced many difficulties due to lack of experience. After that, I went to learn more about how to make crystallized ginger as well as other types of crystallized food. From those, I gained much experience and produced nice and tasty batches of crystallized ginseng,” Ms. Phuong shared.

After the crystallized ginseng is finished, it will be packed and delivered to consumers

Delicious and nutritious

Crystallized ginseng is made from fresh Bo Chinh ginseng root (provided by Quang Binh Green Agriculture Company Limited) and rock sugar. Making crystallized ginseng requires hard working and takes many steps.

First, the maker must choose ripe ginseng roots, then wash them, peel and cut them into thin slices. Next, blanching the sliced ​​ginseng roots with hot water, and simmering them with rock sugar.

However, it takes a lot of time and efforts to make delicious crystallized ginseng products. A difference of the ginseng root is that it has high mucus, so it takes about an hour and a half to simmer, much longer than other types of crystallized food. Moreover, the crystallized ginseng maker needs to be very meticulous, skillful, stir the crystallized ginseng continuously and evenly, so as to make the ginseng slices absorb sugar evenly and not be burned.

The Bo Chinh crystallized ginseng is not only strange; when trying a piece of it, everyone compliment it on its softness, sweetness and still keeping the aroma of ginseng. The crystallized ginseng has a light yellow color mixed with a white sugar layer; and the mild aroma of the ginseng makes many people feel excited. A kilogram of crystallized ginseng costs VND 500 thousand; with the preservation time is not more than three months.

Ginseng is a tuber with high medicinal properties and is one of the precious medicinal herbs of Oriental medicine, which aids in appetite, improves sleep, enhances eyesight, lucid mind, prevents fatigue, and increases physical strength. In addition, ginseng also stimulates the activities of brain cells, increases erythropoiesis, and platelets, cures anemia, thrombocytopenia, and cures sore throat, etc. The crystallized ginseng is suitable for all ages, especially very good for the elderly, and the weak.

Mrs. Dinh Huong, from Truong An ward (Hue), said: “I previously only knew about fresh ginseng roots or ginseng wine, and I got to know about the Bo Chinh crystallized ginseng via my friends. As it is strange and interesting, I have researched and bought a few boxes to offer to my ancestors on the altar, and, at the same time to present to my relatives and friends on the Lunar New Year as gifts".

“In the near future, I will continue to make crystallized ginseng. If the product continues to be supported and received by many customers, I will expand this model and expand the market to other provinces, so that everyone can know it, as well as develop and promote Bo Chinh crystallized ginseng to consumers,”, Ms. Phuong added.

Story and photos: Bach Chau