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26/11/2018 - 09:47

“Tea Masters Cup International 2018”: “Creating magic” with tea 

In the afternoon of November 24, at Thanh Noi Hotel, after tea tasting contest in the morning, six tea masters from Korea, Ukraine, Latvia, Australia, Kazakhstan and Vietnam brought many new colors and emotions to the judges and audience.

In the tea tasting part of the competition, the tea masters must use their senses of taste, smell and sight to distinguish 10 of the world's tea varieties, including 6 of Vietnam. It is worth mentioning that 6 of Vietnam's tea varieties originated from the Northwest highlands which had very similar taste. Hence, this was one of the most challenging parts for the tea masters.

After the tea tasting part in the morning, on the same day, the tea mixology contest continued to be held with the participation of 6 contestants from Russia, Italy, Belarus, Latvia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. The judges this time were the leading tea masters from Korea, Australia, Latvia, and Vietnam.

In this part of the competition, in addition to optional ingredients, participants must mix tea with alcoholic beverages and one of five Vietnamese fruits (dragon fruit, mango, lemon, orange, apple) to make 2 new drinks. The drinks must still keep the flavor of Vietnamese tea.

With their experience, brewing expertise and creativity, the tea masters were “doing magic” with tea, making this part of the contest full of color and style.

In the morning of 25/11, also at Thanh Noi Hotel, the tea and side dish contest took place. This was the final part of the competition.

Images from the 2 parts of the contest on November 24:

A representative from Lai Chau, Vietnam participating in the tea tasting contest

Using the senses of taste and sight is not enough; some tea masters must also activate their sense of smell to distinguish more accurately

The mixology performance of a Russian representative

A contestant from Italy showing off his mixing skills

... and mix tea with mango

... another meticulously decorated drink 

Next, the performance of a Belarusian tea master received warm welcome from the audience

Meanwhile, in addition to expertise in tea brewing and mixing with other ingredients...

... the contestant from Latvia also created a mysterious atmosphere

The performance of the Vietnamese representative was also quite unique ...

When using egg whites as an ingredient

The unique drink of the contestant from Hanoi

The performance of the Sri Lankan contestant was quite convincing

 ... and this was also the last performance of the day

By Han Dang