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19/09/2018 - 20:17

Teaching the tradition knitting of Co Tu people

In order to preserve and promote the traditional cultural values ​​of Co Tu ethnic minorities, on September 18th, Nam Dong district held a traditional knitting class in Thuong Lo commune.

2 artisans are training young people

Over the course of 3 weeks, nearly 20 trainees who are youngsters of Co Tu ethnic minorities in Thuong Lo commune are taught by two artisans the skills in knitting techniques with cane, bamboo and rattan materials. The trainees will make daily living items and some items in traditional rituals. These products are currently valuable as they can serve the tourists, especially the foreign visitors.

In the situation of many traditional cultural values ​​of Co Tu ethnic minorities are gradually lost, this traditional knitting class aims to enhance the sense of responsibility of generations in preserving and promoting the traditional cultural values, at the same time, to create human resources to produce souvenirs for the tourism in locality in particular and in the district in general.

It is known that for years, Nam Dong district has invested a great amount of money to restore traditional crafts, including the famous knitting craft of Co Tu ethnic minorities.

By Thai Son