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18/06/2020 - 06:20

Technology at hand

As a "social sensing" channel that provides support for the people, businesses and tourists to comprehensively reflect the activities in the province, the solution to scene reflection (SR) of the Thua Thien Hue Intelligent Operations Center (HueIOC) is one of 7 digital conversion services which won Sao Khue title in 2020.

Director of HueIOC Nguyen Duong Anh

In conversation with Thua Thien Hue Weekend Newspaper, HueIOC Director Nguyen Duong Anh said:

For Hue people, the SR interactive channel through Hue-S is not only a place for them to reflect their pressing problems and doubts to the relevant departments through HueIOC but also a place for the people to discuss, comment, exchange and give suggestions to the activities of the administrative agencies at all levels and branches.

Could you be more specific about how the people interact with the SR channel?

When realizing problems, the people, businesses and tourists can send HueIOC the feedback with photos or video clips in various forms. The interactive portal has the website:, Facebook website đô thị thông minh/ fanpage: HueIOC, zalo, email, switchboard...

Worthy of note is that, through the Thua Thien Hue smart city service mobile application (Hue-S) supporting both Android and IOS versions, HueIOC is responsible for receiving information, analyzing, sorting and referring them to the specialized agencies concerned.

Well, how is the process performed? What are the benefits for the people and businesses?

The processing process must be implemented and automatically monitored through the regulation of the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee. All the reflection-processing work must be public, whereby the people can monitor, interact and evaluate satisfaction with the reflection-processing results of each agency.

Thua Thien Hue Intelligent Operations Center (HueIOC) promptly receives and processes the information reflected by the people

The integrated SR service has offered many practical benefits to the people and businesses, including the reflection-processing unit. It can be said that the system builds a toolkit for the people, businesses to take initiative, believe and join in reflecting recommendations. The system builds a multi-dimensional interactive channel able to assess the process results as well as publicity and transparency. The system is built in an open, flexible orientation and forms a new management mode.

The SR service also promotes a centralized reflection-receiving model, overcomes the limitations and inefficiencies in processing citizens' reflections and recommendations implemented according to the old model. Besides, the SR also reduces the intermediate processing thanks to the modern monitoring mode. The IT application has created a self-monitoring mechanism in combination with HueIOC's supervision.

The accurate and quick receipt and process of feedback and recommendations on hot issues, which have been happening, especially receive positive feedback from the people. It increases efficiency and contributes to restoring the urban order and environmental sanitation.

SR is an important tool contributing to the successful implementation of the "Green Sunday" launched by the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee and is becoming a widespread movement throughout the province. Additionally, during COVID-19 prevention, the interactions on this sensing channel have achieved positive results, helping the authorities at all levels to operate, process and prevent the pandemic effectively.

So, the SR solution has contributed to changing the people's awareness. Could you please give the typical examples showing that the people's awareness has changed in a positive way?

The technology used in the SR service is very new, oriented directly to the people and businesses, showing an increasingly clear and profound role. Previously, with the ‘one-stop shop’ administration, the paper recording the results the people received from officials was only the result of internal processing of the authorities, and they could not know the internal process. Now the people can see the technological factor in hand. They hold the Hue-S tool, click to send feedback, and see their reflection posted online. Then the official will receive it or apologize.

If there was a pile of trash, the people would find it very dirty; they took a photo and posted it on the web. The person in charge of the area said he had already cleaned it up, but when the people reflected that they had a real image in hand, the person in charge would be subject to a poor management assessment and be forced to change.

As the head of HueIOC, could you be more specific about the changes in the activities of administrative agency?

HueIOC is like an information depot for departments and is a gateway to the profound changes in the public authorities’ activities although the price to pay for such innovations is the people’ discomfort in the early stage of transformation. We consider this to be a common, useful task for Hue and look to the future of a smart city, where smart citizens have the "top Asian pride" - just like the awards HueIOC won.

And HueIOC's SR service won Sao Khue Award 2020 for digital conversion service. Is it totally worth it?

That's right. The SR service is a typical service that has been voted to receive the Sao Khue Award 2020. It has the solution of application of new technologies of the fourth industrial revolution highly evaluated by the organizing board.

Earlier, HueIOC's SR solution was awarded the titles: Vietnam Digital Conversion Award 2019 (for the category of excellent digital conversion state agency awarded by Vietnam Digital Communications Association); the Provincial People's Committee was honored by the Organizing Board of the Asian Telecommunications Awards 2019 with the category of Asian creative smart city solution.

Thank you, sir!